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  1. i'm playing catchup seeing i'm done with Gundam 00. so right now it's Hayate no Gotoku and Sayonara Zetsubou sensei. Otherwise i'm waiting on season 3 of Shakugan no Shana.
  2. ok I'll stop dodging this thread. My Swag - Actual Hatsune Miku Art from the Artist Alley. (bid went up to $40....me bidding the last bid which made it...$40 O_O) - Ouendan 2 = $40 - Morrigan Model = $25 (yay sunday sales...as this model's pretty damn big.) - Yuki Nagato Alive Live figure = $25 (damn near glad I got this...sold out online at most places or rather overrpriced.) - Otakon T-Shirt (Large) I didn't really buy much this year...but that's cause most stuff I can find better cheaper I guess. Only things missin from the pic are Ouendan 2 and the Otakon shirt. But
  3. Yeah that was prolly me, I had 3 at the time, parted one out, sold one, and then just recently sold the Initial D replica. http://www.ectoyotas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1445 pics of the RX7... note; apparently mods don't like double posts... so all the pics I put up are gone. When I get my weekly bit of spare time, I'll start rehosting them in a mod-ok'd manner )
  4. how in the hell did I miss any of these the past years? now i'm interested in next year...especially if you do find a skyline. I'd seriously would've love to have seen that RX-7.
  5. Here's another I actually want to find. http://photos-565.ll.facebook.com/photos-l...043589_9534.jpg I was more than surprised to find 2 Higurashi cosplayers. I seriously thought no one would do any of it or i'd find ANYTHING Higurashi at otakon.
  6. oh my thread live.... so i'm late yes...but curious. anyone know who this hot and cool Yoko cosplayer is? I got a pic of her on Sunday as the poor girl couldn't get a good 2 mins to sit down due to people constantly getting pics of her. I did see she had somewhat of a photoshoot after I took a pic of her and then afterwards I'm quite sure I saw her about an hour later in regular clothes. Anyone?
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