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  1. I see. ^^; That's unfortunate, but quite understandable. I've got nothing else to do on Valentine's Day weekend (sad, yeah?), so it's not a problem for me.
  2. i should just ask the website, but ill ask u. Are these gell like contacts? ya know less hard? ive never worn contacts and my mom does and she says hers are around that much too. I love the ones they have on there THAT SAY THEY ARE cataract, they look perfect. oops i hit caps LOL. they look perfect. i think i may buy from this site but i just wanted your input on how comfy they are, do u think ill be able to see with the cataract ones? AND THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!^-^
  3. Sorry, I disappeared! I've been having a lot of family issues and helping out a few friends through hard times, so as a result, I've had no time for Otakon Boards. As of now, I'm back. Update once more: I am officially a Katsucon maid. Yay, it's official!
  4. I'm excited that so many people are going. x) Small update: I had my interview yesterday, and I think it went pretty well.
  5. Would you mind leaving your text at standard size? Messing with font size and color makes your text hard to read.
  6. alabaster - I'm not much for sci fi. I like it, but I'm not hard core like I am for anime and manga. :3
  7. Otaku Ru - That's understandable. You can never save too much! I wish I had brought more with me. The dealer's room was so great. I wanted more and more.
  8. Same here. If anyone ever found out, the Olympics would be ruined, so they would risk it. That, and I would hope that none of the countries are that low.
  9. I just watched the men's quarter finals on beach volleyball a few hours ago. It was..hard core. I could never serve over 70 mph. xD Women's qymnastic was amazing. I loved seeing the US win on beam, since they totally deserved it. The men's platform was the best, though. They all did so well. There's a lot of controversy that China has bribed the Olympic committee since they conveniently keep winning the gold during all the ties.
  10. I live near Leesburg, so I'm actually not very far from Arlington at all, but I'm staying at the hotel anyways for the atmosphere. It should be fun. I was thinking of volunteering this year. but with all the new events, I couldn't pass it up.
  11. I know this is the Otakon forum, but what better place to find fellow Otaku to meet up with and befriend then I forum made for Otaku? I jsut wanted to make a few new contacts. =) So, is anyone going to Katsucon? If so, are you cosplay? Part three...what costume from which anime/manga? and... are you going to be staying in the hotel of the convention? Man, that was a lot of questions..
  12. This couple was very original to me. They were the one that cospalyed that...(that I ever had the chance to see, anyways) http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a76/Angel...8/otakon054.jpg
  13. I think I'll be Tifa and Rin Sohma. You may as well throw in Ritsuka or some pretty boy. x]
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