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  1. I would love to see a video room dedicated to 70's and 80's anime. Stuff like Gatchaman, Crusher Joe, Gundam, Macross/Macross Do You Remember Love?, Terra e..., Area 88, They Were 11, Lum, Rose of Versailles, Candy Candy, etc! I second the idea of showing a classic like Akira! On a huge screen, could be fun! As far as live action goes, any way to show more TV series? I remember a couple of years ago seeing the first couple of episodes of Train Man TV and it was great! So stuff with live action adaptions like Nodame, Absolute Boyfriend, Gokusen, etc might be good too.
  2. Planning, planning, planning. But I know it will all change two weeks before the convention. Atleast I have my hotel!
  3. I think the new service for hotels is good, it is good if your don't have a preference for a hotel. I still went over it's head and called the hotel I love to stay at though because their information is more up to date, that is just the nature of something like this.
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