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  1. Oh snap, are you following me? Gonna be an otaku stalker? O___O

    Just kidding dude, Nice to see you on the BBS. Peace.

  2. -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):Bboypui, Bannister Age:15 Male or Female: Namekian, jk, Male Do you need sleep at a con? Not until they close for the night. Drink or smoke:Too young, wont ever do it. Tell us about yourself:Its my first time at otakon, but my second con in total, death note is a passion, so is dbz and naruto and bleach, hehe. I think im pretty funny at times, a little awkward and slightly perverted sense of humor at times. CAANNTT FFRREEAAKKIINN WWAAIITT!!!! -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? I will most definitely.
  3. Ichigo w/hollow mask, bankai form. Its gonna be pretty sweet, i am psyched, i bought my sword at katsucon.
  4. happy birthday~ ^_^

  5. "What's up people!?" by maximum the hormone (Deathnote OP) just try to scream along and you'll find out that its really crazy, i found it fun, but its really crazy, just don't be the fool who's driving AND screaming at the same time. Its really intense!!! lolz,
  6. If you're in cute humor, and jealous teachers than i think you should watch Azumanga Daioh. It's really good, i read the manga first but the anime's good too. Also The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a really really really good anime. Code Geass is good, but i'll warn you its totally unpredictable and at times i want to cry!T^T Also a good show to watch is Densha Otoko, really funny talks a lot about being an Otaku in japan a couple of years ago, or maybe present day. Thats about it!
  7. BLEACH!!! I would expect bleach to win because i don't think Naruto can cut or hurt Kenpachi considering the fact that ichigo couldn't with a freakin' sword, so basically, what i am saying is, i love Naruto and all, but Bleach would definitely win anyday. But then again it's cosplay, and it's based on anime, probably the most unpredictable media out there, so i'll just have to see or possibly join,
  8. Happy birthday!

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