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  1. It looks like my friend and I decided to do Revolutionary! UK (me) and Revolutinary! USA.
  2. Just finished Italy's jacket tonight. Not a 100% sure if I'll put him in my suitcase for Otakon.
  3. Generally there's a Tales of gathering that is forming each year. There's talks over on cosplay.com that you may want to check out in the Otakon boards. But I know I have plans on at least cosplaying Yulia from Abyss for Otakon.
  4. Len is on hold right now actually; though I've been slightly curious about the fan made vocaloids. It all depends on cash flow though.
  5. I was thinking a Saturday shoot at least for Geass, if not maybe a second shoot on Friday.
  6. I'll be cosplaying as Len ~!
  7. I'm sorry, you may want to find another Gino. My friend and I have a deep deep hatred for Kallen after R2, and being the major Gino fans we are, we really don't like that pairing. Sorryy~ XD;
  8. A few ideas I have in store for Otakon 2009: V.V. - Code Geass Ceil - Kuroshijitsu Saralugei - Kyou Kara Maou Yulia Jue - Tales of the Abyss Simon (fantasy version) - Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Possibly one or two more may come with me by then.
  9. I'm cosplaying V.V. Anyone else cosplaying Code Geass for 2009?
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