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  1. I wonder if the concert will have a huge effect on the Thursday line? Like, everyone goes to the concert instead of waiting, so there's no one in line. hmm...
  2. I find it rather shocking that this hotel still seems to have alot of rooms left. I would have thought that it would sell out fairly quickly since it is connected to the con center and I think that some Otakon things are going to be held in it.
  3. THIS....oh my god THIS! I am extremly tired of the yaoi skits. Even though last years first skit of the masq, the KH one, was good craftmanship, as soon as they started the yaoi as they where walking off the stage, i already wanted to leave
  4. Well now, I wouldn't call them idiots, just fanatics. They can be obsessed if they want, it doesn't make them stupid. Like ZGL said, some people have a thing for standing in line. Again, far be it from me to know why, but they do.
  5. One problem that I see with having pre-reg for the big events is that I don't believe it is fair. Especially if you are talking about registering for these events before the con. Here is my reasoning for this feeling. There are alot of people who do not register online. They are paying just as much as or even more than the people who pre-reg. They should have the same shot at getting up-front seats as the people that pre-reg. I feel the same way about registering for the big events at the con. Alot of people aren't able to get to the con right when it starts, yet these people are
  6. Actually the upper left logo still says '08, but I swear it said '09 just the other day... And the artist alley news from Aug 28 isn't there anymore. Haha.
  7. Oh, I just noticed that the site flipped over to Otakon 2009. Cool.
  8. Oh. You mean how just because something is perverted and obscene doesn't mean it's actually doing any harm to anyone? Yeah. A pen and some paper can be a mighty danger to society (warning: that was sarcasm). Still, how anyone finds any appeal in that material is beyond me. Maybe some form of mandatory counseling would be a more suitable punishment seeing as how there are clearly some issues there.
  9. Ok, now I'm a little confused. I've kinda of gotten conflicting answers. Unless I am reading too much into his post, I've got Alabaster basically saying that males can go shirtless at Otakon, yet then I've got Asrial Dune saying no males cannot go shirtless at Otakon. So which is it. (I do faintly remember shirtless Zabuza cosplayers at Otakon in 2007, I missed last year's con) It's not that important, the conflicting answers are just confusing. It's not for me anyway since I am a girl, and if I went shirtless it might be scary. My DD's would probably cause someone to fall down the
  10. I have a question that came up as an issue at my local con, and I wondered what Otakon's policy has been on it. Can male cosplayers go shirtless? It seems that a male cosplayer at my local con dressed up a Ace from One Piece, and he was told that he had to put a shirt on. Would he have been made to put a shirt on at Otakon?
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