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  1. If I'm not mistaken isn't the vast majority of the rooms seperate from the actual ballrooms and meeting areas in the Hilton? I stayed there recently and when I was there we were in the main hotel area which housed the bar, front desk, valet area, and a few meeting rooms. The second area which is accesible by a glass bridge seemed to house the main ballrooms, resturants, and meeting areas. Not to say that even if this is the way the hotel is setup that you won't have the issues described, but it would cut down on some of the things you discussed above. Personally I think its a good idea t
  2. I don't know if this was said already but, If anyone is looking for something to do on Thursday the Baltimore Museum of Industry is having a promotion going on Thursday only. Its free admission from 5-8pm. Its something fun to see in Baltimore without having to pay a lot of money out of pocket (Like you would if you did just the Aquariam.)
  3. OT a little: Good list! I work for one of the banks listed here, and I've been preparing my ATM for the big rush of Otakon attendees for the past week. (I also use to work for another bank on this list and they should know the drill by now) So hopefully you guys won't have to worry about many ATMs running out. /end OT
  4. I'm not big on carrying cash around for obvious reasons, but during Otakon I normally carry cash for the dealers room and debit cards for food and emergency uses. Always good to have a backup.
  5. I learned about Otakon from my boyfriend back in 2000, but didn't attend until 2001. I was told I absolutely HAD to go and no no was not an answer, so I was dragged pretty reluctantly because at that time I was still being spoon fed anime by him and his friends. I really didn't know much outside of what they were slowly teaching me. Been hooked ever since.
  6. My list isn't all that different: - Work, work, work, and then work some more. - Get final room payments from everyone in my room. - Work on adjusting the costumes that I do have. - Panic and walk around in circles waiting for final cosplay to arrive. - Finish my wig - Get my hair done - Shop for costume repair things - Go shopping for food supplies - Transfer money from savings to checking (and look really depressed as I drain my savings to zero) >.< - Gain a lot of courage to wear my costume without embarrassing myself too badly. - Pull out every piece of cloth
  7. I do agree that it is a blatant waste of taxpayers money, but I don't think it would've been a good idea to put it in Canton. Number one Canton seems to be developing as a chic neighborhood more so than an entertainment district. Not to mention there is NOWHERE to park in Canton and NO public transportation besides two buses that run out there. Now I know the Inner Harbor is not that much better parking wise, but there are numerous expensive parking garages and on street parking. Canton you pretty much have to pray and wish you find a parking space. Public transportation is also more abundant
  8. I'll be there if my outfit gets here in time. I'm really starting to think it won't make it.
  9. Going down with the usual suspects. My boyfriend, his two brothers, and our friend. Won't get to see our other friend cause she's in China this year. Court we love you see you at AUSA. ^.^
  10. 0.o There was a line on Thursday last year? We just walked in, waited maybe 15 minutes, grabbed our badges, and was out the door to the Hardrock for dinner. For other lines my DS and PSP work wonders for in line boredom. Also Ipod speakers for dancing in the line. Great way to meet new people.
  11. Fogo is definitely still there along with a Panera Bread, and that lovely PF Chang's China Bistro. I guess those places might work out for people who don't mind spending a little more money. Fogo is a bit on the expensive side even though its well worth the money. It's a shame Baltimore Restaurant Week ends a week before Otakon. You can't beat getting a three course meal for $30 at place where it normally costs $80 for one person.
  12. Kaze Neko there are a few hotels not listed on the Otakon block rate that have rooms available. I'm staying at the Hampton Inn Candem Yards and its not far from the convention center at all. They still have rooms available (a bit pricey rooms), but its something. Plus the closer it gets to the con the more dropped rooms will become available.
  13. I just want to know if Otakon is planning to add more hotels to the list? I know last year a few out of Downtown area hotels were added a lot later then the first batch. I already have my room booked but it doesn't hurt to keep looking for something a bit cheaper.
  14. Dealers room!!! I spend the majority of my time at Otakon in the Dealers room or the Artist Alley. Oh, and the musical acts can't forget them.
  15. *laughs* Yeah! I couldn't remember the name, and it was bothering me all day yesterday. Memory loss is the worst part about getting older.
  16. My all time favorites were Barbie (of course), Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Rainbow Bright, GloWorm, and...what's that little baking oven with the light bulb? ;
  17. I thought the Geppi's museum only stayed open till 6pm in the spring/summer months. Either way that mueum is cool and would be a great place to start up some early Baltimore sightseeing. Thursday usually means a number of things for me. It means waking up at some godawful early morning hour to triple check all of my bags. Harassing any roommates who haven't yet paid their share of the room fee. Visiting my bank to deposit any last minute money and checking to make sure my funds are in order. Getting to the room and unpacking. Going to the lines around 7. (Congrats again on the lines las
  18. I think I could spend it all on a few Lolita outfits. >.< They seem to cost unlimited amounts of money anyway.
  19. This isn't at all surprising especially with the way Downtown is trying to become the latest artsy fartsy version of Washington DC. I mean just look at all the condos and waterfront properties that have popped up in the last year. Not to mention all the new restaurants and boutiques, its only natural that they would want to update the hotels as well. That new Hilton coming was just the final push for the other hotels.
  20. Of course I'm cosplaying this year, and for the extremly long list you can look to my sig. Good luck to everyone on your costumes in time people.
  21. Yeah, the dealers room was a bit of a let down this year. I didn't spend nearly as much as I have in previous years. Even with that said I did purchase a few things this year. I got my customary Otakon baby tee, a cute messenger bag, a new Boo pig plushie, and some mangas. I was looking for more artbooks this year but from all the stands I went to they were pretty much selling the same artbooks they sell every year. I wanted some of the older stuff but wasn't able to find anything of the sort. Here's hoping that next year you get some more cute unique jewlery stands. I was happy to see a
  22. Let's see I've cried over a couple of animes. - Full Moon wo Sagashite. (The ending was so sweet) - Full Metal Alchemist - Fruits Basket (I cried over the ending of the manga, it wasn't really sad I was just sad that it ended.) - Chrno Cross
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