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  1. The "wasn't playtested one" was done by Asmadi Games: http://www.asmadigames.com/ I think the one you're thinking of was the online card game Alteil: http://www.alteil.com/
  2. My checklist for Otakon 2008: Sketchpads for commissions, trades, etc. My traditional art supplies (pencils, pens, inks, erasers, straightedges, and many other small items) 3 pieces for the art show 4 changes of clothes 5 pairs of socks 1 sleeping bag 1 Maglite Toiletries for staying clean all weekend Vitamin E (Reduces fatigue) First Aid Kit Food for the weekend (I do not eat at restaurants in Baltimore) (Bottled water, various sandwiches, peanut butter, and soup) 1 mp3 player loaded with classical music and power rock 1 roll of duct tape 12 hour drive starting
  3. I tend to be really picky with my spending. I'm not big into buying DVDs and Manga at the con, I usually go for little collectibles that are harder to find in America like capsule figures and lapel pins. I also like to occasionally buy wall scrolls, but they have to be really good illustrations for me to want one, most of the time they use half-rate commercial illustrations and neglect to use really high quality artists, but that's to be expected of a tie-in product.
  4. Okay, so this year I've finally gotten off my duff and decided to jump into the AMV world with a video I plan to submit to Otakon this year. Looking at the entry form though, a question arises in my head. What category do I submit my video for? I realized that the video I'm doing is a bit of a blend between multiple categories. It's got some definite drama, it's got romantic themes, it's even a little funny at times, and music is certainly upbeat, but all that makes it hard to classify as I plan to write up an entry form. With that in mind, does anybody have a more elaborate definiti
  5. I would hope it would also get passed around online sites like revver and youtube to help drum up buzz.
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