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  1. Looking to see what I have as far as badges for this year, as I'm missing a few. Here's what I have:

    1 - Someone from Street Fighter with with claws.

    2 - Otakon mascots in front of a time machine.

    3 - ?

    4 - ?

    5 - Jungle Emperor Leo

    6 - ?

    7 - ?

    8 - Someone from Street Fighter holding a card.

    9 - ?

    10 - Gundam 00

    11 - Romeo X Juliet

    12 - Code Geass

    I know there was Lucky Star, Full Metal Alchemist, and another Otakon mascot badge that has the two with a woolly mammoth, but I don't know which number these badges were. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. I have never been to a concert at a con before. I knew absolutely nothing about JAM Project before seeing them in concert.

    It was my favorite thing all weekend. And, on Saturday, I just happened to be buying their CD at the Bandai booth in the dealers' room when they were there, and I got a signed Scrapped Princess poster. Each and every one of them shook my hand and said thank you. I still can't believe that. They were so personable. I am used to seeing polite, reserved Japanese guests at anime conventions. The level of enthusiasm they displayed was quite unique. I really enjoyed them. Thank you, Otakon. That is going to be pretty difficult to top. ;)

  3. ::applause::

    You sound very knowledgeable. Is there a place in the downtown con area that has Asahi on tap?


    Why would I direct you to the Japanese version of Bud Dry when there are beers out there with FLAVOR? :P (Actually, Japan is also big on "black beer"--stout and black lager--but little of that makes it here from Japan.)

  4. This post is not intended to invite silly or mean-spirited comments. Rather, I am genuinely confused about the popularity of Death Note. It seems like everyone is DN crazy, with lots of people cosplaying as characters at the past few cons I've been at. When I was in Japan a year ago, DN merchandise was everywhere. Now, there's tons in the dealers' rooms here. I've been watching the series on DVD (am through Vol. 4), and instead of buying Vol. 5, I'm considering just selling off the volumes I currently bought, because I am not really enjoying it.

    I think that the premise of the show is intriguing, but I'm wondering why it wasn't an OVA instead of a 37-episode show. I've been watching anime for a long time, and I'm not sure why this particular show is garnering all this attention. Is it because the show hinges on ambiguous morality? Are the characters all that interesting? Is the artwork particularly stylish?

    My problem is that the plot seems incredibly contrived. You have two people who are trying to one-up each other on investigative tactics. Each episode seems to go like this:

    Light: "I must do this to succeed and triumph."

    L: "I anticipated that, and am countering your move like this..."

    Light: "Yes, I knew you would do that, so to cover my actions, I will do this..."

    L: "Of course you will. I knew it all along. So, my next move is this..."

    And so on. It's sort of like watching a chess match, or an episode of Dragonball Z, except instead of moving pieces on a board or increasing power levels, you have a guy in a room with a book vs. a guy in a hotel room with snacks.

    I realize this reading appears rather reductionist, but I've had people, people who I respect, tell me this is a great show, and I'm just not seeing it. I don't think it is drawn particularly well, I don't find anything redeeming about any of the purported protagonists, and the rules of the Death Note book itself look more like McGuffins for plot points rather than logical precepts (the thing reads more like tax code).

    Does it get better after Vol. 4? Should I keep buying and watching it? It seems weird to note a spoiler alert to a show I haven't finished yet know the outcome to (being a fan of AMVs will do that to you), but given that I know who's dead at the end, what is my motivation to keep watching? I look forward to hearing your comments.

  5. We *have* made some contacts at Ghibli, but have been told, frankly, that there's almost no chance of getting one of the big names there, period -- unless Disney specifically asks.

    So while I'd love to see him there, or any of the heavy hitters at Ghibli, we're just not likely to see it.

    We had two heartbreaking "near misses" this year -- some amazing "holy crap" names (in addition to the ones we got), who simply weren't able to make this year work, but might be up for next year.

    But two years ago, "JAM PROJECT" was a "never gonna happen" guest, too. Rest assured that if the opportunity comes up, we'll be all over it. :)

  6. I realize it is far too late for this year, and it would probably never happen, but I'll go ahead. There is sort of an urgency to my request, because some of the people who produce anime are getting ... well ... older. It would be a shame to never see someone because we "missed" the chance. The person I want to see was born in 1935, so he is "getting up there" in years, but it would be amazing to hear him speak: ISAO TAKAHATA. And when in the hell is Disney going to get off their collective keisters and release Only Yesterday?

  7. Hey there,

    I didn't know the proper place to post, there was a thread about fan parodies back from 2007, but it was closed.

    I recall seeing some fan parodies that were riffing on the Apple "Switchers" commcercials, talking about how subs or dubs were better. They were hilarious, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

    First and foremost, does anyone know what I'm talking about, or am I completely crazy and making the whole thing up in my deranged mind?

    Second, is there a thread listing the tentative schedule for the fan parody programming? Or will there by in the near future? I love the parodies and always try to make them a part of my con experience.

    Thanks. =0

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