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  1. While I hate the Naruto and Bleach animes, im just glad that the Inu Yasha's are dissapearing... My soul broke slightly everytime I saw 80% Inu Yasha cosplayers in the gameroom lobby. Personally I prefer to see cosplayers from underrated/somewhat older shows such as Utena, Kenshin, etc. I see one or two Utena/Anshii's each year, and every other year I'll see a Kenshin. Where are all of the Soujiro's -.- How about some Asakura Yoh/Hao, or that Hikaru/Wizard pair two years ago, those two were awesome, and their costumes were amazingly done. Some Gintama would be nice. And I don't
  2. The horse is officially dead, let's stop beating it... and start KICKING THE CRAP out of the lucky star full dance horse. Much more fun ;o
  3. Oh please god no... I may not even goto Otakon this year if they show that movie. I couldn't stand going to a dragonball convention. Naruto/Bleach conventions are hard enough ;/
  4. Kodomo no Jikan Mahou Shoujo Nanoha Minami-ke Gundam 00 Ichigo Mashimaro Shana Death Note Claymore Lucky Star Higurashi Clannad Moetan Popotan Kanon 06 Just a short list
  5. having been a resident of the baltimore area for almost twenty years, i can tell you with absolute certainty that this right here is an oxymoron. as long as your cosplay doesn't involve baggy pants that are down to your knees and allowing boxers and thongs to show, and as long as you don't smell like the drink you have concealed in a paper bag you're carrying, and as long as your reason for getting people's attention doesn't involve asking them for money they can spare, you're probably an improvement over what most of us are used to seeing in the city.
  6. ... here goes. Let's see if I can recall them all: Air Escaflowne Fushigi Yuugi Bokura ga Ita Aishiteru ze Baby Asatte no Hokou Binbou Shimai monogatari Cowboy Bebop Da Capo DCSS(I think... it sucked so badly i cant remember...) Genshiken(not because I was sad... xDDD) Seed Destiny(yes yes... I cried for Stellar) Hikaru no Go honey and clover 2 Kanon Kasimasi KGNE Mai Otome(Aoi-chan x.x) Maria-sama Sailor Moon Saikano NHK Ai Yori Aoshi Angelic Layer CCS Elfem Lied Fruits Basket Full Moon wo Sagashite 08th MS Team Onegai Twins St
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