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  1. There have been a few requests that the Photo Suite take charge of the photo shoots in the past but so far we have not had the space or manpower to take charge of it. Taking over the fountain area for photo shoots in general would be a little unfair to the congoers in general since it would take away quite a bit of hangout space (plus the lighting is really harsh during mid day). Next year however, with the addition of the new convention center hotel (the Hilton that opened this year just a week too late for us to use it) we may find the space we need. We will keep it in mind when we are pl
  2. Hey guys, I'm Nicolas Duarte the head of the Photo Suite (but you can call me Nik). I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the comments so far. Please keep them coming good or bad, we want to make sure you guys have the best experience possible. We are working year round to not only improve our photography skills but also to figure out faster and better ways to get you quality photos. Just two quick things I wanted to add: 1) be sure to use the Picasa pages to their full extent (commenting, link to, etc). The more people know about us the better service we can provide. 2) plea
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