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  1. There is also a Walgreens near the Convention Center up on E Fayette. They are pretty good about people from the convention. But their store hours are limited: M
  2. I'm gonna be on the lookout for some new plushies..hopefully from some older anime. Plus, I am going to try and snatch up a couple of box sets. Main goal however is a kimono :oops:.
  3. Possibly a request thread for the rave next year? I have wanted to suggest this previously, but never got around to it. :oops:
  4. *twitches and falls over at the realization that this year will definitely be a "roasting" year for the con*
  5. If you can do a 3 point turn in a 1 1/2 car parking spot, you must be a driving god (I did it and can't figure out how it was possible to begin with). :shock:
  6. I've missed all of this season and most of last due to being busy. Now, I miss it due to college...and I am saddened to see a spoiler here on the BBS. The TV gods must hate me! Randomness: It's interesting when you read an odd story about women gathering to break the world record for the number of women giving birth at the same time and place.
  7. I should replace my switch plate, been the same one since I was a kid. =/ The clown annoys me.
  8. Easiest freaking assignment thus far, and I get it in "on time". I really should cut back on the WoW while doing school work. .....I should. >.<'
  9. I wondered the same thing about the weirdness of the other RTT being locked at page 99. Hmmm, a twilight zone event perhaps? ...btw, no fair 'Egg for starting the new thread!!!
  10. I looked into colored lenses for my own use, it still says on websites that you don't need a prescription, but I don't want to chance it. Especially since I have prescription glasses...The myths of using non-prescription contacts with prescription glasses conflict. Not worth the risk! Besides, I dunno my true 'script. On a random note: Its been way too nice outside lately, and our grill died. Not fair!!!
  11. Animes that have made me cry are: Voices from a Distant Star Spirited Away Last 2 Epi's of Trigun Epi's 13, 18 from Cowboy Bebop Wolf's Rain
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