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  1. This is one thing that has stuck in my craw for a while: I would have really liked to have gotten a picture with JAM Project and/or TMR, but I can't because AWM asks that we don't. As much as I like the concerts immensely, the whole "no personal pics" deal really turns me off. But what can you do (shrug) (sigh)
  2. 2017 AMV Theater Feedback

    The "Twilight" intro originally took nine months to prepare, from pre-production to post-rendering. The "Baba O'Riley" intro from this year was good, but it was only done with three weeks' preparation. I'm pretty sure next year's intro should strive to be as majestic as the "Twilight" intro we had for 9 years (2008-2016). I know we are bandying about ideas as to when (and where) the AMV Contest Winners should happen. The timeslot takes into account that it happens after hotel checkout times. Yet, everybody who saw the contest (or who had some kind of horse in the race) wanted to know the results. AMV Theater might be in a different (maybe bigger) location next year, and taking the Contest Winners showing to a bigger room is a possibility, but we'll know more once we get around to next year's convention. I wonder if other AMV Theater staff has any additional comments to add....
  3. Obviously I would like to have more of an input on the video schedule with Hurley next year, to help build the schedule so it has more variety of things to show our attendees.

  4. I would think streaming with Crunchyroll and Funimation (and even Hulu and Daisuke) is something we need to seriously consider for OtaVegas 2017. I do Katsucon's video rooms, and streaming is surprisingly affordable for 3 days in the Gaylord. Obviously, a dedicated CAT5/Ethernet connection would be ideal, but if a secure Wi-fi connection is available and consistent, that could become a very good option as well.

  5. Guest Request: 2015

    How about the greatest anime theme song singer who has ever lived -- ICHIRO MIZUKI!
  6. Guest Request: 2015

    Pie in the sky hopes: Hiroaki Hirata Masakazu Morita Wally Wingert Yuri Lowenthal Just so we can have the Japanese and English voices of Tiger & Bunny together, all in the same room.