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  1. Obviously I would like to have more of an input on the video schedule with Hurley next year, to help build the schedule so it has more variety of things to show our attendees.

  2. I would think streaming with Crunchyroll and Funimation (and even Hulu and Daisuke) is something we need to seriously consider for OtaVegas 2017. I do Katsucon's video rooms, and streaming is surprisingly affordable for 3 days in the Gaylord. Obviously, a dedicated CAT5/Ethernet connection would be ideal, but if a secure Wi-fi connection is available and consistent, that could become a very good option as well.

  3. How about the greatest anime theme song singer who has ever lived -- ICHIRO MIZUKI!
  4. Pie in the sky hopes: Hiroaki Hirata Masakazu Morita Wally Wingert Yuri Lowenthal Just so we can have the Japanese and English voices of Tiger & Bunny together, all in the same room.
  5. The two biggest highlights for Otakon this year were: - THE JAM PROJECT CONCERT! I never thought I'd see these people live in person in the United States.... and here they were! I was dancing, singing with the band with their anime songs, and just having one big time. It was the best anime concert I've been to ever. - Saturday's showing of the AMV Contest. This was the first year I was a finalist in the contest, and I've tried to get into the contest 4 years in a row. The fifth time was certainly the charm! I had the DBZ video in the Action category, and it got some enthusiastic appl
  6. I got the call from Days Inn this morning, and they did explain that the rate was going to be $229 per night. I know that after taxes it's going to be upwards of $500 for the entire bill for the 2 nights I'm staying there. However, I'm looking at it this way: I've got almost a whole year to at least save up for the room, and I've got a full-time job to make that possible, so I gave them my info and reserved my room there for next year's convention. I know it's definitely not the $152/night I paid this year; it's more like the $229/night I paid in 2006 to stay 2 nights at the Holiday Inn.
  7. I went to "The DBZ You've Never Seen" on Saturday afternoon. It was a packed room, and [with the exception of the fat black chick working security who was powertripping] the panel was a TREMENDOUS success. Dragonball fans now know about Mike LaBrie and Meri Cantoni, being two of the most knowledgeable people about Dragonball. The rarities they showed at the panel gave some new dimension about the show and introduced people to lots of fun things about the show that were only seen in Japan. Thank you Mike and Meri for the panel!
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