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  1. Your first Otakon

    I had been dragged to my first anime convention in late 2002 because there was a DDR tournament going on there. I slowly but surely discovered the joy of cosplay, anime, AMVs, the dealer's room, the dance, etc. And then I discovered a lot of my friends were discovering the same things as well. I remember getting the DVDs for Great Teacher Onizuka and had a good time watching them. Started to discover more anime by attending more conventions in the area... and in 2004, I went to my first Otakon. Roomed with a bunch of people in the Marriott, spent 3 hours in line on Friday to pick up my badge, took tons of pictures and saw lots of things that tickled my fancy. I've been going to Otakon since my first one in 2004, and after 10 years of being an attendee, I found a way onto staff (AMV Theater) in 2014. Considering that I had been part of the AMV community in some way since my first anime convention back in 2002, I figured the AMV Theater is the best place for me to share my love with the convention. I should be getting my 5-Year pin at this year's convention -- time flies!
  2. Obviously I would like to have more of an input on the video schedule with Hurley next year, to help build the schedule so it has more variety of things to show our attendees.

  3. I would think streaming with Crunchyroll and Funimation (and even Hulu and Daisuke) is something we need to seriously consider for OtaVegas 2017. I do Katsucon's video rooms, and streaming is surprisingly affordable for 3 days in the Gaylord. Obviously, a dedicated CAT5/Ethernet connection would be ideal, but if a secure Wi-fi connection is available and consistent, that could become a very good option as well.

  4. Guest Request: 2015

    How about the greatest anime theme song singer who has ever lived -- ICHIRO MIZUKI!
  5. Guest Request: 2015

    Pie in the sky hopes: Hiroaki Hirata Masakazu Morita Wally Wingert Yuri Lowenthal Just so we can have the Japanese and English voices of Tiger & Bunny together, all in the same room.