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  1. Shame that it's gone, hopefully some new places will start appearing soon. Dare I hope for a decent Mexican place nearby?
  2. You got a job at the Chipotle?! Grrrr. p.s. chipotle doesn't sell burritos, they sell meat in a tortilla. but it's so tasty
  3. That is still 12 hours less per day than some MMO addicts I know.
  4. Don't worry, it happens to us all at one point or another.
  5. So, who would win in a 3 way fight? Scarlet Witch, Longshot, or Domino? All 3 are probability manipulators
  6. I leave for military on January 14th...better start the countdown timer.
  7. The current chapters of Hunter x Hunter ROCK!!!! It was so worth waiting a year and a half to finally have quality chapters at such a critical time. *Goes back to hanging on cloud 9*
  8. I really need to catch up, I have missed the past.. 4 episodes I think? In related good news, I can watch heroes for two hours straight at some point this week. I have finished season 1, I havn't started watching season 2 yet.
  9. crabby is back! yay! Sorry about your cold P.S. As the only other person on this board who I know loved HxH, how do you feel now that it has been back for a couple of weeks?
  10. Just incase you are interested, the reason I suggested a games club/anime/japan club is because near where I live there was one that started out just as anime/japan stuff and had like 5 members. Then we also turned it into a gaming club and now we hit close to 20 members every Friday who stay for at least 5 hours at a time. Branching out into a cultural club is doable, but it is still so limited appeal especially in a high school that it would attract the same people who could come just for anime probably.
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I am now holding a competition for someone to choose my new member title. Winner gets me to use their title until it bores me and a credit statement in the RTT thread. Please send all suggestions to me via PM. Now go...fight for glory, honor, and very limited fame
  12. *groan* Not that dark side stuff again... *stare* LOL!!!! I remember all of that!!! I remember it too, and the only reason it stopped is because of my amazing hypno powers. At least thats what I keep telling myself.
  13. Really? He looks so much like George Carlin he could be his long lost twin.
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