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  1. I'm not Alabasater and I won't speak on his behalf, but as a many year Otakon staff in the highly active Access Control department, I can say that we do have a way for internal communications which are radios. The big issue with them is we can't simply have all Otakon staff on the same radio channel or there would be so much crosstalk that nothing would ever get through. I'm not saying that the need to do better on communication isn't a valid point and it is something we MUST do better at, but it isn't a solution that can be solved by giving everyone a single device such as a radio or cellphone. Another issue is that not all information needs to be relayed to all staff in every department. Otakon has many departments that handle different aspects of the convention and hence what may be good information for the programming department may only be a distraction for Artist Alley. However, lets assume every single staff in Otakon does get a radio/cellphone/magic device for communication. The problem then morphs into not just relaying the information to staff, but disseminating it out to the attendees in a timely fashion. One such avenue is indeed the guidebook app, but not everyone has the app, and more importantly, not everyone who has the app is able/willing to check it immediately. There are tons of reasons that have been listed earlier for why information isn't able to be guaranteed to be delivered to everyone in realtime and no single method available commercially is able to provide a magic bullet solution either. The best we can do is keep track up new methods of technology to allow us to communicate with as many people as possible.
  2. This is true, but also please remember that a vast majority of the people do not know this. Never assume that people know and are able to tell the difference. There are over 30,000 people who enjoy Otakon and I place a significant amount of money on the fact that more than 75% of them have no idea what a Gofer is officially much less know they actually exist. Moral of this story? People make mistakes, discussions can become heated, and regardless of if it is intentional or not, we all have an obligation to realize when one has occurred and adjust accordingly
  3. My feedback on this current trend in the thread is keep things civil and constructive. This is a GBU thread and staff ARE looking at it for constructive feedback. A well constructed post that outlines an issue regardless of if they have ideas on how to fix it will get significantly more attention than passive or active attacks on other forum posters.
  4. Sanaelar

    Ideas for Otakon's 25th Anniversary in 2019

    Usually food is handled by contract so any food like that would have to be done through official WEWCC official channels as far as I am aware.
  5. Sanaelar

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    Friendly reminder to please keep things civil here
  6. Sanaelar

    Voice Actors After Dark Cancelled

    NOTE: I am speaking NOT as a staffer in this thread as I am in no way part of the decision process. Again, this is solely my guesswork. From what I can guess with the list of voice actors, didn't some of them become affiliated with Disney? If that's so, Disney I know mandates anyone affiliated with them not engage in certain types of behavior to maintain the family friendly experience.
  7. My only problem with the whole contest was it was too hard to pick a winner from so many choices. I personally am disappointed that In Terminis didn't win the Drama/Serious category as it was my favorite video by far, but that was probably because the video was so tear-jerkingly depressing. With that said, I also feel that Ballad of a Dog probably fit better under the action category rather than Drama/Serious. It was an excellent video, but I just felt it was in the wrong category.