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  1. Shame that it's gone, hopefully some new places will start appearing soon. Dare I hope for a decent Mexican place nearby?
  2. You got a job at the Chipotle?! Grrrr. p.s. chipotle doesn't sell burritos, they sell meat in a tortilla. but it's so tasty
  3. That is still 12 hours less per day than some MMO addicts I know.
  4. Don't worry, it happens to us all at one point or another.
  5. So, who would win in a 3 way fight? Scarlet Witch, Longshot, or Domino? All 3 are probability manipulators
  6. I leave for military on January 14th...better start the countdown timer.
  7. The current chapters of Hunter x Hunter ROCK!!!! It was so worth waiting a year and a half to finally have quality chapters at such a critical time. *Goes back to hanging on cloud 9*
  8. I really need to catch up, I have missed the past.. 4 episodes I think? In related good news, I can watch heroes for two hours straight at some point this week. I have finished season 1, I havn't started watching season 2 yet.
  9. crabby is back! yay! Sorry about your cold P.S. As the only other person on this board who I know loved HxH, how do you feel now that it has been back for a couple of weeks?
  10. Just incase you are interested, the reason I suggested a games club/anime/japan club is because near where I live there was one that started out just as anime/japan stuff and had like 5 members. Then we also turned it into a gaming club and now we hit close to 20 members every Friday who stay for at least 5 hours at a time. Branching out into a cultural club is doable, but it is still so limited appeal especially in a high school that it would attract the same people who could come just for anime probably.
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I am now holding a competition for someone to choose my new member title. Winner gets me to use their title until it bores me and a credit statement in the RTT thread. Please send all suggestions to me via PM. Now go...fight for glory, honor, and very limited fame
  12. *groan* Not that dark side stuff again... *stare* LOL!!!! I remember all of that!!! I remember it too, and the only reason it stopped is because of my amazing hypno powers. At least thats what I keep telling myself.
  13. Really? He looks so much like George Carlin he could be his long lost twin.
  14. Jimm, do you realize you are the only person in the Veteran Members category? What this mysterious category is, nobody knows. My guess is you are probably the only member over 2k posts who isn't a staff member but who knows.
  15. have you tried things such as outings? Nowadays, sitting around in a room to watch an anime isn't enough due to the availability of free material. To make it work it has to basically multitask. Try making it a gaming and anime club because everyone loves coming for board games. Then you can sit around and talk about anime at the same time. And there are plenty of good but cheap games to buy.
  16. How do you know it's sweet? It could be spicy for all we know.
  17. AHA! I found the RTT thread! And to all of you who are reading this... I FOUND IT FIRST!!! It's mine you understand me? all mine! get away from here! all mine, go go go, mine mine mine!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH *thank you Daffy Duck*
  18. I just had most of my hair taken off My head feels cold
  19. Of course they are silly. If they were soft then they would break in the machines.
  20. Tifa owns all just by being in the same room. She doesn't even need to fight to have people surrender.
  21. If George Carlin and Dane Cook got into a comedy contest...who would win?
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