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  1. hmm... - Angel Beats episode 10 made me bawl, but the ending sucked. - Sonic X episodes 51 and 52... don't judge me lol - In Alien Nine (the manga) when (spoiler) Kasumi gets eaten by the Yellow Knife and the Yellow Knife broadcasts her loneliness. Really dumb thing to cry at, but I related.
  2. Overzealous patriot.

  3. Insert obnoxious comment here. FIRST!

  4. this is a big blue egg.

    it is a blue dragon's egg.


  5. I admit it. I enjoy Sonic X. I cried over episode 50 and episode 77. (52 didn't make me cry because I accidentally found spoilers on exactly what the last part was.) (Oh, and I only came close to crying - I didn't actually -cry-.) I don't cry about much, either. Sonic X really was the only anime that's made me cry. So far.
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