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  1. Yeah it wasn't until I got to the end of the film that I realized it was him.
  2. I was watching the track and field portion about an hour ago and heard "A Step Further Into Terror" from the Evangelion soundtrack.
  3. I watched it this past Saturday. It was surprisingly well written and Tom Cruises performance was great. Great characters and memorable lines.
  4. Sorry for the double post but I have found a job at Lifetouch. For those who don't know they are the largest school photography company in the United States. I'm sure if you went to a public school on the east coast you probably had them taking pictures of you. They reimburse for gas mileage and pay 11 an hour. The neat thing is I will have a different place to work each day.
  5. The Opening Animation was commissioned by us, from Madhouse. It's not composites. THANK YOU!
  6. I saw you once and almost got a picture of you but I didn't have the motivation to ask. My friend is a huge fan of Troma films; he would of got a kick out of it.
  7. The Opening Animation was commissioned by us, from Madhouse. It's not composites.
  8. Yeah, as an animation major I was pretty impressed with the quality of this short. Me and my friend were arguing whether or not the animation was all original and created just for this event. He believes there were multiple composites of animation; I don't agree. Could someone prove me wrong or right?
  9. I think we have yet to see descent convention documentary. Otakon showed a documentary about 4 years ago called This is Otakudom and that was about fandom in general. I would like to see something of the same caliber done for the convention scene.
  10. I live in Baltimore and I believe it was Saturday when Harford County got a Tornado warning. It was aired on tv which I rarely see. If global warming doesn't have anything to do with this I would be surprised.
  11. Yeah funny you say that. I came across a job similar but it was in Korea for a year. I don't know if i could handle it for a year...maybe Japan. But yeah I haven't seen my girlfriend in three months and I am looking forward to being around her for a long time. I would consider going in the future though!
  12. Long Live Bootlegging!
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