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  1. Otakon has a lot more to offer than Tekko. But it really depends on your preference and geography. If you're in Pittsburgh, and you prefer a smaller, more intimate, chill convention experience when the weather isn't quite so warm, you may prefer Tekko. Generally speaking, Otakon tends to have better programming, guests, premieres, and just generally more of everything. Having been to both multiple years, I would say go with Otakon over Tekko.
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to share some videos I've been making lately. I'm basically doing a tightly-scripted version of what I would ordinarily do in a panel format, and instead applying it to video. I've been producing Eva videos on an every other week basis. If you can't get enough Evangelion in your life, give them a look and consider subscribing, I have much more on the way. The few most recent videos I've completed: I took a deeper look into the film One Hour Photo with Robin Williams, and examined the fan belief that Williams wrote an Evangelion toy into the film's plot. I also took a close look at hidden details in The End of Evangelion, because the DVD released by Manga Entertainment was pretty lousy. Finally, I also did a round-up of recent Evangelion news, including the current status of Eva 3.0+1.0's production. I hope you all enjoy, if you like what you see or have any feedback, please let me know.
  3. I can dream as well. It would be a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him and thank him for his creative works. I would love to get his unused Otakon 1999 guest badge signed.