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  1. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    Quick PSA, to anyone in the sound of my voice. Please, PLEASE, leave some rating feedback in guidebook for any panels that you attended, or even workshops, the same applies. Feedback can be immensely important for panelists polishing their presentation skills.
  2. The Otakon 2017 Roll-Call Thread

    Name: Aaron Hometown: Baltimore Primary contact info: @EvaMonkeyDotCom (Twitter) Something interesting: This will be my 18th consecutive year attending Otakon. This will be my 15th consecutive year presenting at Otakon. This will be my first year as a featured presenter! A summary of my panels and workshops:
  3. What are you playing now? 2017 ed.

    I probably just turned it off, being as how it saves your progress automatically. Didn't encounter that glitch again, thankfully.
  4. What are you playing now? 2017 ed.

    So, in Mario, if you're big, and you somehow manage to get under a block, like say you run, duck, and slide under a block, or blocks, and then stop holding down to stand up, so your head is in the block, the game will slide you in a direction until you're no longer overlapping a block. When I jumped up into the nook with the power up, I landed almost directly on top of the power up, so that my head actually went into the block above when I went from small to big. So the game decided to slide me in a direction, and unfortunately, that direction was to the right, trapping me in the ceiling. I was kind of flabbergasted, to say the least. My reaction at the end of the video, if it wasn't obvious, was played up for effect. I was pretty aggravated though. That last level and boss sequence was not fun.
  5. What are you playing now? 2017 ed.

    In June, I completed the following games for the first time: Katamari Forever (PS3) Journey (PS3) Kirby's Adventure (NES) Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (GB) Silent Bomber (PS1) Random note: The last level of Super Mario Land 2 was surprisingly difficult, and really challenged the limits of my patience, especially when I glitched through a ceiling during the final boss fight. I'm currently playing Tiny Tank (PS1), Mario Kart DS, and for some strange reason, I've just been playing a lot of Crimson Land (PS3).
  6. WEWCC Has Wrong Dates For Otakon???

    YASSSS. MAGFest is a blast. If the idea of a mixture of video game convention and video game music festival appeals to you, then give it a whirl.
  7. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    I can dream as well. It would be a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him and thank him for his creative works. I would love to get his unused Otakon 1999 guest badge signed.