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  1. Hey fam. I run an Evangelion fansite (EvaMonkey.com) with a fast-growing YouTube channel (YouTube.com/EvaMonkey). I'm on-track and excited to be breaking 10,000 subscribers just in time for Otakon. With my fansite, convention panels, and videos, I like to do as much research as possible. I like to catalog old articles, interview, reviews, etc that are relevant to Evangelion, as well as other closely associated works, like the other works of Gainax (FLCL, Gurren Lagann, His & Her Circumstances, etc), and the internet can be of help sometimes, but there is no substitution for having your own physical archive of periodicals and what not, especially if you want to take really nice scans of particular photos, artwork, and whatnot. If anyone has a shelf, stack, box, or bag full of old Animerica, Newtype USA, Otaku USA, etc, or even old game magazines that may have had occasional anime reviews (like Game Fan or Game Pro), and you don't mind parting with them so someone can use them for research to make more content to enrich the fandom, I would love to take them off your hands, and would be happy to take them from you at Otakon this year. TLDR: Please drop me a line if you don't mind donating your old anime magazines, journals, or books to me at Otakon this year. Thanks!
  2. Is the designated entrance to Otakon still at MT Vernon Pl NW? I ask because the entirety of Lafayette Square park falls within 0.9 walking distance of where everyone will funnel. The statement ought to read "within a mile". Saying it's "between 1-2 miles" seems to exaggerate the distance, and people ought to be given the most accurate information in order to make an educated determination of safety.
  3. The Eva Monkey

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    That's cool, it makes no difference to me if it's brand new of if the staff takes control of an existing one. I just want there to be one that's designated as official so that staff and members can have a clear official line of communication.
  4. The Eva Monkey

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    There's a couple reasons why I want an official one. 1. I'm sure there is more than one unofficial discord, and I would rather have one, official designated, consolidated place, rather than several fractured places. 2. Some people are going to think it's official, and that's going to cause communication problems. After all, there were some people who didn't understand that we moved to DC last year. 3. If there's a single, official, designated Discord, it will strength Otakon's messaging, and could be a useful tool. Wouldn't you rather pop into discord, get an official answer from the info team, rather than trying to find an info desk? Otakon staff peeps, can this be a thing? I can see it being very useful at the time of the convention.
  5. Uh, guys, I hate to have to point this out and alarm people, but Lafayette Square is less than a mile from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. You should really update your messaging to be factually accurate.
  6. The Eva Monkey

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    I would prefer to see an official one, personally. Can someone make that happen?
  7. The Eva Monkey

    Any Chance of a Backup Panel list?

    I have been called on to do this on at least one occasion. I also provide the panels department with a short list of panels that are ready to go at a moment's notice. Some panelists just don't show up, disappear, get stuck in traffic, oversleep, and for whatever reason don't tell the panels department. When it's an hour or two out from their panel, and they still have not checked in, the panels department tries to get in touch with the lead panelist, but at some point, usually an hour from their time, they have to pull it from the schedule and try to find something to fill that gap. The problem with a waitlist is that even when you're able to get in touch with someone on the waitlist on short notice, they may not have even assembled their panel, or aren't prepared to present their panel. Hence why panels tries to contact someone like myself to do something from we've previously presented. Oh, let's also not forget the panelists who show up, claim their badges, check in, and then don't show up to their own panel. At that point, there's nothing that can be done. That time is just wasted. TLDR, if people could show up for the thing they requested we wouldn't have this problem.
  8. The Eva Monkey

    Has it been decided what (fan) panels will be included?

    I will once again be representing the Evangelion fan community in support of this year's mecha theme. Evangelion's Shinji Ikari, a painfully close look. Shinji Ikari, he's the main character in one of the most enduring anime franchises. We'll take a look at what people love and hate about him, his role in the series, his design and creation, and the many incarnations throughout the Evangelion franchise. Did you know in one manga, he's a detective? Evangelion, written and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. In 1979 and 1980, Mobile Suit Gundam and Space Runaway Ideon were broadcast. Fifteen years later, many story and thematic elements were taken from them to create Neon Genesis Evangelion. We'll dive into each of these series, and how much Evangelion owes to Sunrise and Yoshiyuki Tomino. I will also be conducting a workshop called Getting Started with Fuse Beads. So come make stuff with me, it will be fun.