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  1. As a presenter, I'm particularly interested in hearing what feedback anyone has as far as panels and workshops go. Also, if you have Guidebook, be sure to leave a rating for the events that you attended. Events I attended: Worst Anime of All Time by Mike Toole. I don't think I've ever managed to sit down and see this, but this year was something of a "greatest hits" from the past five or so years he's done the panel. I can definitely see why it has been so popular over the years. It's a shame he won't be presenting the panel in the future. How The Women of Robotech Changed Animation by Yellow Dancer & The Muses I generally disagreed with the arguments the presenters were making, but the one piece of advice I would want to give these presenters is to please rethink your approach. It felt like all you guys did was take turns reading from a pre-prepared script. At that point, it feels like someone is just reading a blog post. I commend the effort put into preparing the presentation, but you guys should really do things in a more organic, freeform, improvisation manner. You didn't interact with each other, or the audience. There was no rapport, there was no intimacy. People don't go to panels to have something read to them (as far as I know). Also, inject a bit of energy into your presentation, you guys were generally very flat and monotone throughout, even when making jokes. It was just very drab and lifeless. You had a potentially interesting topic, but I think you need to rethink your approach and execution.
  2. (G) Guest (I) Industry (F+) Featured Fan Panel (F) Fan Panel (C) Convention Hosted (M) Music? (S) Subtitled (D) Dubbed (L) Live Action (18+) 18+
  3. Anime Boston - 2011, 2012 Anime Central - 2005, 2010 Anime Mid-Atlantic - 2004 Anime USA - 2010, 2011 Katsucon - 2002-2008, 2011, 2012 Nekocon - 2002-2004 Ohayocon - 2011 Otakon - 2000-2015 Tekkoshocon - 2010, 2011 Tigercon - 2011, 2014 40 total anime cons New York Comic Con - 2012 Baltimore Comic Con - 2005, ?, 2012? MAGFest - 2011-2015 49 total fandom conventions