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  1. The Eva Monkey

    Anybody got old, unwanted anime magazines, journals, books, etc?

    Thanks for the suggestion, however my end goal is to preserve the content of the magazines, not the magazines themselves. Ideally what I would like to do is find, scan, transcribe, and organize every single interview, article, review, etc that is pertinent to Evangelion, its creators, and other closely associated works. By that I mean things like Shin Godzilla, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Rahxephon, Ideon, etc. I don't believe I will have the space to accommodate everything long term, so it's likely that I will pass some things along to another researcher, a library, or possibly see if someone wants to try to do an actual preserve. I can see making a preserve of anime/mange/etc periodicals, books, and more being a very rewarding project, but it's not for me. I'm set on researching Evangelion, and enriching that segment of the fandom. So, if you or anyone else has got anything to contribute, there's always next year. Or possibly another event in the are, I may be at Anime USA, MAGFest, Katsucon, and Awesome Con.
  2. The Eva Monkey

    Anybody got old, unwanted anime magazines, journals, books, etc?

    Still, bringing them with you all that way, and on a flight, is much appreciated. Paper is deceptively heavy.
  3. The Eva Monkey

    Anybody got old, unwanted anime magazines, journals, books, etc?

    Guys, I just want to thank you so much for your donations. I spent some time at-con thumbing through, and there was some very cool stuff within. Dostovei Illuminas, almost every single issue of Newtype USA you gave me featured a column with Megumi Hayashibara, voice of Rei Ayanami, so there's plenty there to dig through! Revengel, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Ideon book, that's one of Hideaki Anno's three favorite anime! Also, one of the issues of Animerica features interview/coverage of Hideaki Anno at Anime Expo 96. And while it's not directly relevant to what I make videos about, there's something very cool about seeing what the anime industry/fandom was like in mid-1980s Japan. Very cool stuff all around, you've both helped give my collection of anime/manga periodicals a much needed shot in the arm. I'll almost certainly ask again next year, but if you stumble across another stack of magazines in need of a good home, do please let me know. Thanks guys!
  4. Why was the decision made to have user ratings and comments on events completely disabled? Guidebook can be a great tool for collecting feedback, you should really be leveraging that.
  5. The Eva Monkey

    No 25th Anniversary?

    25 is a pretty good number worth celebrating, or at least mentioning in the promotion of the event, however I don't recall hearing mention of it once until closing ceremonies, which had graphics commemorating 25 years of Otakon. It seems like a missed opportunity. That said, I felt like this year did a fairly good job adhering to the mecha theme, although, there definitely could have been some improvement as far as featured presenters along those lines. *COUGH COUGH*
  6. The Eva Monkey

    Anybody got old, unwanted anime magazines, journals, books, etc?

    Dude, that would be awesome! Also, should probably add a note as far as communication/meeting up: I will absolutely be at the following panels/workshops: Getting Started with Fuse Beads Evangelion's Shinji Ikari, a Painfully Close Look I Mustn't Run Away. I Mustn't Run Away. An Evangelion Debate Panel. If you want to get my attention, you can also tweet me at @evamonkey, you can message me on Facebook, or you can message me on the unofficial Otakon Discord.
  7. The Eva Monkey

    Anybody got old, unwanted anime magazines, journals, books, etc?

    I'm mainly interested in obtaining periodicals, journals, and books within anime/manga/Japanese pop culture/gaming for the purposes of research. If by programs you mean convention program booklets, probably not. As far as videotapes go, it would depend on what it is. If it's VHS of something produced by Gainax, such as Royal Space Force, Gunbuster, Otaku No Video, Nadia, Evangelion (subtitled) etc, then yes!
  8. Can we have comment feedback enabled this year? Simple star ratings aren't all that detailed. As a presenter, I'd like more avenues to receive feedback.
  9. The Eva Monkey

    Anime swap meet?

    I love the idea, but the logistics are the reason why it hasn't been all that successful at other events. After you've stuffed your car with all the luggage, snacks, cosplay, etc, are you really going to haul a box or two worth of stuff to take with you? People are already traveling with quite a bit of stuff, and are likely to bring back more from the dealers hall and artists alley. Who wants to burden themselves even further? I think the idea of an otaku swap meet is better suited to an independent, local event in the Baltimore/Washington area.
  10. The Eva Monkey

    Anybody got old, unwanted anime magazines, journals, books, etc?

    Bump. Just a friendly request/offer/reminder/whathaveyou: If anyone has any old anime magazines, I'd be happy to take them off your hands at Otakon, and put them to good use for research for videos on YouTube and such. Thanks!
  11. The Eva Monkey

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    Update on this (sort of): https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/organizer-of-deadly-charlottesville-rally-withdraws-demand-for-a-second-rally-permit/2018/07/24/f41cdfa2-8dd6-11e8-8322-b5482bf5e0f5_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.7c1bc5bf3b24 Relevant portion: And, as a PSA, you can contact the National Park Service with any concerns on this matter at the following number: 202-245-4715
  12. The Eva Monkey

    Has it been decided what (fan) panels will be included?

    Anybody know who's doing the Evangelion fan panel on Sunday?
  13. The Eva Monkey

    The 2018 schedule thread

    Anybody know who's doing the Evangelion fan panel on Sunday?
  14. Hey fam. I run an Evangelion fansite (EvaMonkey.com) with a fast-growing YouTube channel (YouTube.com/EvaMonkey). I'm on-track and excited to be breaking 10,000 subscribers just in time for Otakon. With my fansite, convention panels, and videos, I like to do as much research as possible. I like to catalog old articles, interview, reviews, etc that are relevant to Evangelion, as well as other closely associated works, like the other works of Gainax (FLCL, Gurren Lagann, His & Her Circumstances, etc), and the internet can be of help sometimes, but there is no substitution for having your own physical archive of periodicals and what not, especially if you want to take really nice scans of particular photos, artwork, and whatnot. If anyone has a shelf, stack, box, or bag full of old Animerica, Newtype USA, Otaku USA, etc, or even old game magazines that may have had occasional anime reviews (like Game Fan or Game Pro), and you don't mind parting with them so someone can use them for research to make more content to enrich the fandom, I would love to take them off your hands, and would be happy to take them from you at Otakon this year. TLDR: Please drop me a line if you don't mind donating your old anime magazines, journals, or books to me at Otakon this year. Thanks!
  15. The Eva Monkey

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    That's cool, it makes no difference to me if it's brand new of if the staff takes control of an existing one. I just want there to be one that's designated as official so that staff and members can have a clear official line of communication.