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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a handful of fan conventions with you for the next month that are in the general vicinity of Baltimore. Most of them are college mini-cons, so there's not a whole lot of pre-planning involved. You can just make a day-trip of it. Kamecon April 2, 2017 University of Maryland College Park, MD Registration: $3 Cecil Con April 8, 2017 Cecil College North East, MD Registration: $3 JohnCon April 14-16, 2017 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD Registration: Recommended donation of $10 Zenkaikon April 28-30, 2017 Lancaster County Convention Center Lancaster, PA Registration: $60
  2. Otakon has a lot more to offer than Tekko. But it really depends on your preference and geography. If you're in Pittsburgh, and you prefer a smaller, more intimate, chill convention experience when the weather isn't quite so warm, you may prefer Tekko. Generally speaking, Otakon tends to have better programming, guests, premieres, and just generally more of everything. Having been to both multiple years, I would say go with Otakon over Tekko.
  3. I can dream as well. It would be a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him and thank him for his creative works. I would love to get his unused Otakon 1999 guest badge signed.