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  1. Northern Entrance

    All good! It's my longest annual pilgrimage! BOT - there are also logistical reasons why that entrance wouldn't work. From a security aspect, can you imaging having a bag check line right at the Metro entrance? That would certainly be a debacle. And for the idea of allowing someone to come in there and funnel them down toward the main bag check line, that removes too much usable space in my personal opinion.
  2. Northern Entrance

    I actually go to the convention center for the Auto Show and this is the case . . . however it's a very different crowd and it doesn't use the same amount of space. Heck, for the first time ever, the Auto Show had exhibits on the top floor (where the masquerade is held.)
  3. Your first Otakon

    As promised, my book. First, a bit of context. I grew up watching cartoons with the family – Old Woody Woodpecker, Warner Bros., Black & White Popeye, etc. However there was a select group that really affected me back in the day. Tobor the 8th man – which for DECADES folks though was only shown in my home – Gigantor, Astro boy and a few others (Space Ghost, Birdman, Hurceloids, Spider-Man & other superhero cartoons get their own mantle.) Of that set, my favorites were Speed Racer (convinced that’s why I love cars to this day) Marine Boy and Kimba the White Lion. At the time I didn’t know they were from Japan . . . I just knew I loved them. By the time it registered they were originally from overseas my only thought was “Oh, ok.” This continued with (U.S. names of course) Star Blazers, Robotech and the like. I always loved animation, but I didn’t really have (at the time) a predilection for Anime. In the early 1990s I was working at a comic store. One regular Jeff – who’s knickname was Ryoga (foreshadowing) – was the treasurer of the UMD Anime society – AKA the Gamera Fan Club. He told me he had some things he wanted to share and he lent me a video tape. I meant to watch it but life was busy. It was a couple weeks later and he kept asking. Finally, one night when I got home from a new release day, I was dead tired. I said to myself “let me just put this in for a few minutes and give it a shot so I can tell him I did try.” That was about midnight. I had to force myself to stop the tape at 4:00 AM because I was laughing so hard I’d woken up my house mates. It was Ranma ½. Sweet buttermilk, that changed my whole life. I began looking for anything with big eyes and a small mouth and reading it, buying it and/or watching it. This included things I loved (Silent Mobius) and things that made me shudder (Angel Cop – dubbed) and the wonders of going to Suncoast and trying to figure out why subbed cost more than dubbed (LETTERS AREN’T CHEAP! #NonDeFilms.) But all the while, I loved the new world I’d discovered. it was a new joy and passion Then a pair of friends – Kobe and Sabertooth – told me they were going to this fan convention based on Anime. Adam Warren was going to be there and I loved his Dark Horse Bubblegum Crisis work. I jumped on Charlotte and rode to Hunt Valley – and that was my first Otakon in 1997. This was my first fan convention of any kind. I’d been going to the Auto Show since 1982, but that’s an industry event. This was the first time when I was at a convention where there were like minded individuals who were all into the same thing I was into. I remember one friend being excited about trading Saber Marionettes J for Escaflowne. On day two I did my first cosplay – the dead boyfriend of Priss from BGC (I was dressed in my black motorcycle leathers which happened to look like the image of him from the video Aseo Touchdown) and that weekend, I began a tradition. When I met Adam Warren, I didn’t have a copy of a comic to ask him to sign. So I asked him to sign my helmet. It was the first signature of many. I retired the helmet dozens of signatures later, culminating w/ T.M. Revolution. It’s one of my prized possessions. I had such a great time at my first Otakon that I became hooked. I saw Mononoke Hime in a DC theatre that had a column in the middle *just* to help Anime become more mainstream. We watched Sailor Moon at 6:00 AM *just* in the hope Anime would become normal & fun for the public. Went to Crystal City and put my bike in costumer. Went to Baltimore and had a blast every year – including an auction where I won a drawing of Priss. Went to DC and had possibly the best time in a couple-few decades. I’ve been every year since then and – while some years are better than others – I’ve never been disappointed. Now my child has been to every Otakon since she was a one year old. I love the fact I get to pass on my Ota-passion to a new generation of the family. The Raptor thinks it’s all both fun and normal. And that was our goal all along. TL;DR - Grew up w/ cartoons; a buddy got me into the new wave of anime; went in 1997 and have been to Otakon every year.
  4. Your first Otakon

    I'll have to type up that book, but it seems we got into the "modern" anime at similar times. It's just difficult to type all this at work at the moment. Love the idea of this thread.
  5. Hotels

    Good morning and a belated Merry Christmas for those who observe! I believe the "per web entry" is actually "per username/login." Just to test it, I decided to temporarily reserve another room to put me at two. I tried to get a third room and got the same message as above: "Housing will open in the next few weeks. Please check back in order to book your hotel reservation(s) for Otakon 2018. You will only be able to secure two hotel rooms per web entry." That message comes up no matter what computer/phone I used. However when I deleted my second reservation I could again perform a search. I conducted this test over several days in case the issue was a cookie/browser one. Personally, I have no problem with this. Actually, I think it's great and for me I don't want that to change. However I'm only one person. Granted, just my two cents.
  6. Hotels

    I can vouch for them as well. It's why it's my hotel of choice for this year and - thank you Otakon - I was able to get a room for my family. As I said in my review in another thread, they acted like they *wanted* us there. I have no desire to go to any other hotel.
  7. Hotels

    I just wanted to chime in. Like many, I was checking every day after Otakon . . . but then checked less frequently. It got down to once per week. I happened to check the forums yesterday and BAZINGA! Found out the block was open. Went into full (metal) panic. I was able to get a room, and I want to thank Otakon for some of the things explained in the previous posts which I believe kept the traditional hoarding of rooms under some control. I also feel they did the right thing by opening up what room they could in the Marriott – even though I missed that hotel – to have more members stay there. Rest assured I will be checking periodically for openings in other hotels. Was this perfect? No. Are there improvements that could be made? Certainly. Are people upset because they couldn’t get a given number of rooms/beds at her/his preferred hotel? Definitely. However that happens every year. I’ve been in that group multiple times so I understand completely. I just want to thank Otakon for what they’ve done and tried to do. I’m looking forward to attending this year as I have every year since 1997. I do hope everyone who needs a room is able to find one.
  8. Hotels

    Based on the way the Renaissance welcomed us as a group - and my family in particular - they are my choice. Granted, nothing's been announced yet. We just need to remain patient. The rooms will be announced and - quickly - a chunk of them will be gone. But there are so many hotels around the area (from walking distance to Metro distance) we are all bound to have options.
  9. Hotels 2018?

    I suspect the crashing of the internet will be a likely indication the hotel release date has been announced.
  10. Number of attendees?

    Any model needs adjusting over time and it's just that - a model I agree the specific model for Awesomecon is different from Otakon, however there are a few principles which I feel apply: Better space with more room Initial jitters out of the way Established fan base (this is in Otakon's favor) Ability to generate more interest and (related) the ability to accept the larger crowd because of that interest. Granted, this is all conjecture. I'm bullish on the future of Otakon (feel like I bought in when Otakon was 4 pocky a share) and can only see it getting better and bigger than here for a while.
  11. Number of attendees?

    It was a 4k drop from one year to the next, and a number of folks stopped coming after 2013 because of the overcrowding issue. I ran into a person who goes to Katsu and she stated she stopped going to Otakon because of the space. I raved about how much better it was in DC as well as the reasons (space, digital signage, etc.) and she said she'd consider it. If you want a potential model of how quickly Otakon can grow, look at AwesomeCon. Same space and tremendous growth! I can easily see Otakon expanding in a similar fashion.
  12. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    Please let me know if this is better handled in a different forum or a PM. I post this here because of the Membership/Ticket/Tax/Cost issues discussed above. Suppose someone or a group wanted to donate to Otakon to help alleviate costs. It could be a gift towards memberships, or toward guests, facility fees . . . whatever. The point would be to offer Otakon funds to help keep costs down for others who may be more financially strapped. 1) Could that help keep the membership cost down? 2) How would we do this?
  13. Number of attendees?

    Is it tomorrow yet? ^_~
  14. The same temperature will be great for some, horrid for others and just a hodge-podge for everyone. If your cosplaying Lum, 70 can be freezing. If you're cosplaying Priss (in a hardsuit) 70 is potentially heaven. Having done the latter (but not the former) I was very happy with the AC in the WEWCC.
  15. Number of attendees?

    I'd insert an Amen gif if the rules allowed . . . I'll guess 27,594. We have a TON of room to expand and it's great to have everything *all in one place again.*