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  1. Timing (as Dan stated) and staffing both have an effect. I'm glad they have more entrances this year than before and I'm curious to see how this works out. There will certainly be hiccoughs; we have to remember to be as patient as we can with these new changes. BTW, can you imagine 40k attendees in Baltimore? While I certainly am a touch concerned about confusion (on behalf of both staff and patron alike) I'm so looking forward to this I can hardly stand it!
  2. Greetings! I did a quick scan of the board and haven't found an answer to this as yet. I was about to register but had no area to input my previous registration data (number, etc.) and was wondering if I either a) missed it or b) has that legacy information been expunged from the system? Thank you!
  3. This is good news for those few (like someone I'm coming with) who prefer paper to digital. Personally I love Guidebook because it can be updated.
  4. I have to say I'm very much looking forward to this. Each summer, Otakon is my de facto birthday celebration. That's true now even though I am in my 50s. With this setup, we're going to have several screens to set up the different rooms and panels! I'll have one main channel on the big TV living room, another on a desktop computer in the same room, third upstairs in my wife's sanctuary, another will be on my phone. I think that covers almost everything. Oh, and I'll be wearing one of my old badges to boot. Otakon, I definitely want to thank you very much for this.
  5. WHOO HOO!!! Thank you Otakon for the announcement! Now I just have to finagle being in front of a computer in ten days . . . #LookingForwardAlready
  6. Thank you. It's something I may consider this coming Otakon (assuming it returns.) I have gaggle of suits (about a dozen or so) but have yet to plunk down the yen for a bespoke tux.\ My next challenge would be to teach Dr. Mrs. how to dance. I'll start by getting her to watch "Welcome to the Ballroom" and work up from there. ~_^
  7. LOL - I just came here today on a lark to see if there was any news on this exact subject!
  8. I took the Clara Barton parkway, which dumps out onto the Whitehurst freeway (don't go through Georgetown) and the freeway puts you on K street. However the Clara Barton does flip during rush hour to outbound only during rush hour. If you're coming down on a Thursday, wait until after rush hour if you can't take off work. Hopefully that helps for next year.
  9. Soooo much for this. I’m sure I forgot things. The Good: · Lines. I say this year in and year out – the line management has come soooo far in the decades I’ve been coming to Otakon. There is space for lines when they pop up. Gigantic lines (like the dealers room) actually move very well. Pre-Reg pickup continues to be BEYOND blissful on Thursday, and the 18+ line was amazing as well that day! Bag check line gets its own bullet point. · Bag Check Line was Gold. I remember the issues with the bag check line the first time in D.C. (and most major conventions
  10. ^^^^^ ME. Also, need to decide what celebrations will be on Saturday.
  11. W00T!!! WE HAVE GUIDEBOOK!!!!
  12. Any idea when the Guidebook will be live? I use that thing constantly.
  13. Man, I thought I left Peer Pressure back in High School! Ah well... * * * -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Revengel or The Revengel Age:: 39 Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con? At least a couple hours per night... Drink or smoke:: About a glass of wine per year. Tell us about yourself:: Otakon IV was my first con...and I've been hooked ever since. I have a comic book background and I *still* remember how a friend got me hooked on Anime by giving me some Ranma 1/2 Fansubs. That was 1996. Now if you want to get specific one
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