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  1. A copule-few(tm) suggestions . . . Yellow Submarine - The Beatles Speed Racer - Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass Spider-Man - original 60's cartoon version Rappers Delight - Sugar Hill Gang Sweet Child of Mine - Guns & Roses I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor Heart of Sword - T.M. Revolution #OldHead
  2. Beat me to posting this! I think it's a good thing. Potentially, a GREAT thing.
  3. This from WTOP - Md. leaders slam Metro service cut proposal Looks like some folks aren't taking this lying down. Could be promising.
  4. There are other options, depending on how far one wishes to go. Busses operate throughout the area up to various times and there are cab stands. Additionally one could catch a cab/request a cab at a hotel. That said it does depend on how far/how late someone needs to travel. Actually, that's just like Baltimore!