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  1. I don't understand the appeal of waiting for hours in the sweltering heat and humidity when you could be doing ANYTHING else. One year we went to Baltimore on Wednesday. On Thursday we visited the aquarium. We headed over there at about 10 a.m. and people were ALREADY in line for prereg pickup. During the time those people waited in line, my friends and I went to the aquarium, got takeout Chinese, and hung out in the pool for an hour. Then we sauntered over to the BCC at like 7:30 and waited all of 30 minutes. I mean, I guess if you truly find battling heatstroke fun, that's your prerogat
  2. My very first Otakon, I was planning on only cosplaying on Friday but my costume wasn't noticably smelly so I wore it again on Saturday XD Usually I cosplay on Friday and Saturday with two different costumes and then wear normal clothes on Sunday. (One year I dressed as Luffy from One Piece on Thursday night both because I like the costume and because it's a good one to wear when you're out in the heat, heh.) I'd say that you shouldn't rely on wearing the same clothes more than one day, just in case they DO get smelly -- or you get a spill, a tear, or some other mishap that makes an outfi
  3. I'm almost certainly going to reuse my Emishi costume (from GetBackers) this summer since my friend also wants to do a GetBackers cosplay. And we're looking at doing Heat Guy J also (I want to be Claire, heh.)
  4. That's pretty cool! I never really leave the Inner Harbor area when I'm at Otakon but the option to get a little farther away for meals is an appealing one -- the food places get SO crowded.
  5. When I'm going to a con I usually have dreams in the week or so before where I somehow get there really late and miss everything I wanted to do. They're really annoying dreams!
  6. I already had an Otakon dream last night O.o I dreamt I was running a Name That Tune game and kept Rickrolling everyone...
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