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  1. Hey all, thanks for all the responses and PMs and stuff. I have a group of around 9 now, so I'm alright now! I guess people could use this thread as I did, to find groups? Whatever. Thanks all ^^
  2. Ahahah, seems like this has become quite a thread! Well you're all welcome to join me in my newbi-ness. Just send me a PM if you still want to group with me and we'll organise!
  3. Wicked, I look forward to seeing Iron Fist!!! I'll be cosplaying L on friday, then Aeon (Castlevania Judgment) Saturday.
  4. Oh snap, are you following me? Gonna be an otaku stalker? O___O

    Just kidding dude, Nice to see you on the BBS. Peace.

  5. Haha that is wicked. A lot of Japanese rap sounds awesome. I dunno if I'll actually enter the contest though... Only a whim thing, y'know. We'll see.
  6. I know, I know, How exciting XD Hope to see y'all there :E
  7. awww, no Crush 40 for me then Must think of songs I know...
  8. On one of the archived Otakon Idol posts, it said that you need 1 Anime song, 1 J-pop/J-rock song, and one song of your choice. Does that mean the 3rd song could be an english one? And what would people think of a song in english at the competition?
  9. YES. Whenever someone mentions it at work I just lose it and can't think of anything else! And I'm all booked and ready to go!
  10. [pushes back on topic] So which characters do you guys use? I mainly use Squall. Because...well, he's the man. I think I'm only level 25 with him at the moment. But, it's seriously hard to choose the right attacks and skills when you can't read Japanese...
  11. -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Shem (/Thyme) Age:: 18 Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con? I always need sleep, or I just lose it. Drink or smoke:: Nada Tell us about yourself:: First convention ever, I love all sorts of anime, games, etc. I'm English and am flying in from England. -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? i will Do you attend the dances/raves? Hell yeah! Do you spend any time gaming? All of it. Do you participate or go to the masquerade? I might do ^^ Do you cosplay? Of course Are you s
  12. Personally I'm more nervous about going into my hotel the day before, then going in and out the next day in cosplay! >.< Still, I'm sure I'll get over it quickly. I'm so excited though. Like, yeah. Wow.
  13. Haha, looks like my group is more like an army now! I'm glad I'm not the only person on the boards who is going for the first time.
  14. *shift shift* Zidane from FF9, sorta-Dissidia version, mainly on saturday, then a basic L on the other days.
  15. Actually, I've decided that due to time and money restraints, I'm gonna do something completly different, Zidane from FF9. Thanks for you suggestions though, I'll take them into consideration for 'next' year!
  16. I've been changing my mind every like, 5 mins... But it's decided! I'm bringing Zidane from FF9, mainly his Dissidia, but probably with some personal touches too.
  17. You beast! I'd appriciate it if you'd let me tag along with you! I'll PM you for details, alright?
  18. how about some Tokusasu viewings? Old classics like Kamen Rider, (god forbid) Spiderman, Ultraman...and, yeah. FREAKIN' Super Sentai! Maybe even some newer ones like The new Kamen Rider movies and Ultraman: The Next. Other than that, a live-action adaption room would be good. Both Death Notes + L: Change the WorLd, Initial D, Casshern, Tetsujin 28... And won't Yatterman be out by then?
  19. [if this is in the wrong place, please throw it in the correct direction. Thanks!] Hi everyone. As a few MAY know (not likely ) I'm flying in from England to attend this years Otakon. I'm travelling on my own, and it's my first time at Otakon, or any big convention for that matter. In the interest that I don't get lost, or swarmed or trampled, I would like to request a group to travel around the BCC and town with. I have a hotel and travel to and from Baltimore sorted, so that's all good, what I had in mind was just a few people, who have maybe attended before, and similar to my age
  20. I was actually wondering if there'd be a contest like this. Maybe I can blow the crowd away with my cover of Mahou Sentai Magiranger... 'Tis worth thinking about at least
  21. I won't promise anything since I'm not 100% sure what's happening yet, but I'll definitly be up for it if all works out for me. Maybe a pirate Kyon?
  22. So, since this is my first con EVAR, and I'm coming all the way from England for it, I want my cosplay to be something special to see, and also special to me. In the end, I've decided on cosplaying Casshern. The problem is...which one? There are 2 competitors in my decision; The Sins costume , or the Live action movie costume... The way I see it is that Sins is simpler, much simpler. But the helmet would be fussy to transport and would probably break easier. Also, I'm lazy. I'm very thin, but I haven't got a muscle on me, and while wearing a skin-tight white jumpsuit, you need to loo
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