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  1. It'll be aaawesome, guys. 8D Again, if anyone wants to meet up, I'm all for it!! I'd love to have just a big Hetalia group photoshoot.
  2. Thursday my Russia andI will more than likely have a photoshoot with one of my photographers, so if anyone wants to tag along, they are welcome to! Just tell me if you're interested or not. We will also have Sooshkas (traditional Russian cookies that are just as common over there as Vodka) and Russian hard candies.
  3. OK, change of plans!!! Thursday & Sunday I'll be BELARUS with my dear older brother Russia. We'll be HOT. In both senses.
  4. Ooo! Not me, but a good friend of mine will be cosplaying Hetalia. So far they have, umm...Russia, China (Or Japan, don't remember), UK...some other random countries put together. ^^ Apparently I'd make the perfect America or Poland, but I'm already cosplaying. Lol. They still need an Italy and Russia, though... (and dude if this is Jolee and/or someone affiliated I will lol.)
  5. Navi ftw. >3 Gonna be a light-up Navi and instead of those lame little signs (because Otakon doesn't allow them and because they're sooo lame) I'm going to have mp3 speakers hooked up to me that play 'HEY, LISTEN!' on repeat. Yes, I plan on being that annoying. >3 My boyfriend will also be Link in a Straight Jacket. xD
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