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    Lots!! <br /><br />Anime: Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight Guilty, Skip Beat!, Hakushasku to Yousei, Full Metal Panic, Code Geass, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Inuyasha, Kimi No Todoke, 07 Ghost, Absolute Boyfriend, Tsubasa.... and about a million others!!<br /><br />Books: OHH too many to even count!!<br /><br />Video Games: DRAGON AGE!!!! lol, American McGee's Alice (I know it's PC but its still awesome!!), Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, 007, LOTR, .Hack, Xenosaga...... the list goes on and on!!!

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  1. aww thats awesome that you are going to cosplay you will have to let me know what you are going to be so I can look for you LOL!!

  2. awesome hahah i can't wait for this summer too i'm gonna try to actually cosplay this year lol that should be interesting

  3. me too I had soo much fun I cannot wait until this years LOL of course I am going this year now I am hooked LOL!! I am so excited for this summer!!!

  4. it was really awesome lol best one yet, how did you like it? are you going again this year?

  5. hey how did you like Otakon 2009... I never got a chance to ask you???!!

  6. I am def. worried about a lot of things... I have a friend that has been going since like 2001 and he loves it, but also says that it has changed quite a bit since he first started going, and that there are a lot more rules than their used to be.......... but I guess I'm a little nervous also cause its actually been like 4 years since I have even seen him (lol... moving to a western state stinks!!) anyway the Amtrax suggestion is a good one, but I kinda wanted to drive it... although I don't think I have ever driven that far... plus I have to drive through PA, because the friend I am goi
  7. wow... I am only going with one of best friends..... lol... but I have another friend who has been going for years and we will probably meet up with him somewhere around the convention........ (which reminds me to make sure I have the right cell numbers for everyone!!!)
  8. Nice I am really excited I can't wait.... yeah it sucks trying to find a hotel now though lol... expecially because I don't know my way around... and thanks for the aim... mines Stargazer329

  9. i'm the opposite i didn't pre-reg but i booked my hotel the day after i got home from last years otakon hahah, that's awesome it's your first time, you'll probably love it lol if you're on aim you can im me at 'zeromuseg'

  10. yeah I have already done my pre-reg, I jsut have to book a hotel for me and my friend lol... this is actually my first year going so I am really excited!

  11. hi lol yeah long island is kinda close to you lol yup i'm going again this year are you?

  12. Sweet! this will be my first year there so I would love to see as much as I possibly can!! sounds like its an awesome way to get everywhere!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!
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