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  1. aww thats awesome that you are going to cosplay you will have to let me know what you are going to be so I can look for you LOL!!

  2. me too I had soo much fun I cannot wait until this years LOL of course I am going this year now I am hooked LOL!! I am so excited for this summer!!!

  3. hey how did you like Otakon 2009... I never got a chance to ask you???!!

  4. Nice I am really excited I can't wait.... yeah it sucks trying to find a hotel now though lol... expecially because I don't know my way around... and thanks for the aim... mines Stargazer329

  5. yeah I have already done my pre-reg, I jsut have to book a hotel for me and my friend lol... this is actually my first year going so I am really excited!

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