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  1. My wife and I will be attending Otakon--and Baltimore--for the first time this year! Here's my question: Is safely driving/navigating the area near the Baltimore Convention Center possible? We've driven in Boston, Philly, and so forth with no problems, but NYC was a NIGHTMARE to drive in. Our hotel is only a block or two from the BCC--should we be able to reach it okay?
  2. I am def. worried about a lot of things... I have a friend that has been going since like 2001 and he loves it, but also says that it has changed quite a bit since he first started going, and that there are a lot more rules than their used to be.......... but I guess I'm a little nervous also cause its actually been like 4 years since I have even seen him (lol... moving to a western state stinks!!)

    anyway the Amtrax suggestion is a good one, but I kinda wanted to drive it... although I don't think I have ever driven that far... plus I have to drive through PA, because the friend I am going with goes to school in Delhi and I have to pick him up first.... thats gonna be nuts!!!

    ohh and this is my frist year @ Otakon, and actually my first con ever! I was suppossed to go to the Comic Con, in Cali 2007, but everyone that was gonna go with me bailed... so yup... for me it's a first all around!!!

  3. wow... I am only going with one of best friends..... lol... but I have another friend who has been going for years and we will probably meet up with him somewhere around the convention........ (which reminds me to make sure I have the right cell numbers for everyone!!!)

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