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  1. Thanks! I think I messed up on a few songs (had trouble remembering lyrics for all three songs), but I just went with the flow. I tried to sing two songs in my vocal range (It's Gonna Rain, and Neiro), and a song that I just like to sing that's a bit out of my range (Kiss and Cry). The judges stressed that you're being a performer on stage, and not just a singer. So just go out there and have fun with the songs, and keep the audience in engaged. Even if you mess up, go with the flow!
  2. Ack...um, I wouldn't know what do do since I've never played games other than DDR and SSB. (I could sing a song from DDR...but they're all techno and weird for a singing contest...) Hm...if you do go with the video game songs, I could try to sing "Why" by Ayaka, which I think is for one of the Final Fantasy ones. :< (The only other one I know is that one from Kingdom Hearts everyone knows lol) I was going to do: "Sobakasu" from Rurouni Kenshin "Clap & Love" by Ayaka "Wish" by Olivia Lufkin, from NANA The karaoke I have from Wish was made in Audacity and you c
  3. The way its been done in the past is first round you have to pick a song from an anime, second round is from a J-Pop/rock artist/group, 3rd round is a song of your choosing from either of those categories, meaning you can do a song from a J-pop/rock group, or a song from an anime. What I'd like to try doing this year is throw in something a bit different, at least for the 3rd round. If its plausible, since I dont know how well people would know stuff from this category, I'd like to include "songs from a video game" as an option for the 3rd round as well as either a song from an anime or J-pop/
  4. I'm practicing to enter the contest, but I'm kinda worried that the audience might get shocked to see a tall, black guy singing J-ROCK. D: Plus do you have to sound like a professional to sing in the contest ? D:
  5. Hm...I thought I'd get " FLOW " or " TM Revolution ". Has a guy even enter the contest before ?
  6. What song would he sing ? I know I asked a questiom relating to this before but I'm asking your opinion ?
  7. Is there is going to be a otaku idol this year ? I'm going to enter this year, but I'm not sure how it works. What are the rules ?
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