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  1. lol now you have a second comment! Yesh, it's Shugo Chara. It's my recent favorite anime...I haven't been watching much other than Shugo Chara lately.

  2. 'hop, step, jump... drew, draw, drawn...chip, syrup, whipcream..."

    Shugo Chara, right?

    I think thats what your signature is...

  3. An Anime marathon? I must attend! Thanks for the head up c:
  4. I hope to see your store at the con!

  5. It seems that just about ever anime convention has a LOT of Naruto cosplayers. 1) Because there seem to be alot of them, do you find it annoying? unoriginal? 2) If you dislike the large amount of Naruto cosplayers; do you respect the Naruto cosplayers that actually do a NICE job on their costume, or do you find it all the same? Why do I mention this topic? Well, it seems that I've seen TONS of Naruto at anime conventions videos. These also lead to TONS of 'naruto hate' amoung the commenters of the video. -nothing against anyone cosplaying as a Naruto character here... it's j
  6. Rick Astley, 'Never gonna give you up'. Yes, very random, I know... but very addictive.
  7. Wow, sounds very unique! I'd definately bring mine and participate! xD Im still laughing at the idea though. I was not expecting something like this to be mentioned! (not to be of any offense)
  8. I will be cosplaying as Allen Walker. (D.Gray-man)
  9. "Other users have left no comments for Tsuki"

    Ah, we better fix that!

    *notices your OHSHC Codplsy*

    Are you cosplaying as Haruhi?

  10. "Other users have left no comments for Babbit."

    Oh no, here, have a comment!

  11. I comment on my own page... how low of me...

  12. oooh i would LOVE for there to be a yaoi room - all yaoi all the time
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