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  1. 'hop, step, jump... drew, draw, drawn...chip, syrup, whipcream..."

    Shugo Chara, right?

    I think thats what your signature is...

  2. An Anime marathon? I must attend! Thanks for the head up c:
  3. I hope to see your store at the con!

  4. It seems that just about ever anime convention has a LOT of Naruto cosplayers. 1) Because there seem to be alot of them, do you find it annoying? unoriginal? 2) If you dislike the large amount of Naruto cosplayers; do you respect the Naruto cosplayers that actually do a NICE job on their costume, or do you find it all the same? Why do I mention this topic? Well, it seems that I've seen TONS of Naruto at anime conventions videos. These also lead to TONS of 'naruto hate' amoung the commenters of the video. -nothing against anyone cosplaying as a Naruto character here... it's j
  5. Rick Astley, 'Never gonna give you up'. Yes, very random, I know... but very addictive.
  6. Wow, sounds very unique! I'd definately bring mine and participate! xD Im still laughing at the idea though. I was not expecting something like this to be mentioned! (not to be of any offense)
  7. I will be cosplaying as Allen Walker. (D.Gray-man)
  8. "Other users have left no comments for Tsuki"

    Ah, we better fix that!

    *notices your OHSHC Codplsy*

    Are you cosplaying as Haruhi?

  9. "Other users have left no comments for Babbit."

    Oh no, here, have a comment!

  10. I comment on my own page... how low of me...

  11. oooh i would LOVE for there to be a yaoi room - all yaoi all the time
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