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    :O Otakon group finder

    Name: Dan Age: 30 (but look and act younger lol) Cosplaying As: Kyo from King of Fighters maybe Interests: Anime, Cosplay, Fighting Games, Haruhi, Hatsune Miku, King of Fighters, Konata, Lucky Star, Ore no Imouto, Street Fighter, etc. Hobbies: Anime, Movies, Sleeping, Sushi, Video Games, etc. Anything extra: Gonna be my 5th Otakon, going with my friend but wouldn't mind other people to hang out with, to go to the rave and the game room maybe, you can contact me on here if you want :3
  2. awesome hahah i can't wait for this summer too i'm gonna try to actually cosplay this year lol that should be interesting

  3. it was really awesome lol best one yet, how did you like it? are you going again this year?

  4. i'm the opposite i didn't pre-reg but i booked my hotel the day after i got home from last years otakon hahah, that's awesome it's your first time, you'll probably love it lol if you're on aim you can im me at 'zeromuseg'

  5. hi lol yeah long island is kinda close to you lol yup i'm going again this year are you?