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  1. Cosplay update: 

    One of the days I will also be going as Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

  2. Hello fellow Otaku's!!! 

    Look whose been resurrected from a long hiatus, this gal here! In commemoration of the final year of Otakon taking place in Baltimore, my husband and I decided to make a trip down for one last hurrah! Me being an Otakon Vet of sorts (according to him) and this being his first big Otaku convention, I thought I would show him around the place. Have him experience the big shebang that Otakon has always been for me. 

    Hope to meet plenty of new friends with the hubby while we're there and look for a Deadpool and Kylo Ren walking around holding hands XD

  3. XD OKAY. Are you dressing up as a certain character or something from j-pop or rock culture?

  4. I actually did a photo editor to make my eyes look that way. but i am going to wear blue contacts with my costume ^^ Thanks for the comment

  5. Well... I would like to get some japanese phone accessories and I would definately like to get some of their lolita clothes. <3 It would be so hawt to wear to a convention or maybe on holloween too. ^^
  6. Weeeee, hahhaaa. <3 I'z going as Marluxia. Be warned. I might come and rape you. :3 LMAO XD I'll keep an eye out for a pink haired rapist.
  7. Weeeee, hahhaaa. <3 I'z going as Marluxia. Be warned. I might come and rape you. :3
  8. OMG!!! I'm not the only one whose had those CON dreams! I've had my fair share of them for the passed few weeks. Every time I get on this site to pre-register friends or just get on to look at updates, I always have one of those wierd slow motion dreams. For example, last night I had a dream that my mom was taking me and a friend to baltimore and it felt like forever to get up there!!! Then when we finally got to the hotel we were staying at, they said we weren't booked! I nearly cried just thinking about that. And I also nearly cried because in the dream, we went to the convention
  9. I'm going as Roxas for Otakon 2009. Woot! I'm looking forward to fanservicing with an Axel cosplayer if there is anyone going at Axel. ^^ <3 Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Woot!
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