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  1. Thank you both for the replies, they are very helpful...I will let them know on the app we plan on giving away unopened candy as prizes. I didn't know if turning out the lights was a hazzard or something but the lighting should be enough.... This gives me more to think about in terms of the a/v stuff.... Also, the average panel is 90 minutes? For some reason I am thinking it was like 60.
  2. Hello!! The PanApp says "Other than the standard room equipment*, do you have technical or special needs? " I am wondering 1) What qualifies as a technical need. For example, we need the lights out for the first 4 minutes to do a miniskit and show an MV. Is that a request we need to make? Also we want to set our stuff up in the room before the members come in - so will probably need 3 minutes before/during our panel time to set up. Do I need to add this to the application?? 2) Are some common requests people have (if any) that a first time applicant should know ab
  3. Anames

    Food at Panels?

    Thank you, I will have to try to change it around to be some sort of prize I guess. Last year the panel was small, under 50 people, so I wasn't expecting a buffet or anything . But I will change what we were going to do around. Thanks~
  4. Hi I am applying for a panel this year and would like to give out tea and a snack that relates to the panel to the audience members. Given that food isn't allowed at the BCC, do you think they would allow this as a part of my panel? I'm not selling it, its just free for the people who come to the panel. We would probably get a small room, and I am going to propose on our application that we end 5 minutes early + vacuum (just for good measure). We would make sure the food didn't leave the room. Do you think this is worth adding to our panel application? I know in previous years
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