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  1. We're not sure as to whether we are taking a road trip or catching a train in NYC. I've been to several anime conventions, but I have never been to one of this size. If only I had more money! xD This will be my first Otakon, and I am extremely excited. The Dealer's Room has me drooling already; I can only imagine how many shiny things will be there. I also can't wait to make some new friends, and maybe even a pen pal. I don't think I've actually written a letter by hand, bahaha.
  2. Tumbleweeds hop around my bank account! I have no money saved up for college, let alone this con. And we're not exactly what most people would call wealthy, since everything in the New York/New Jersey area is so damn expensive. I'm not worried at all, though. I will have a job before July 17, and I will have at least 100 dollars saved up for extra spending. Food is usually a problem, so I think we're going to be snacking all day and then chipping in for a nice dinner. I also hope gas prices remain relatively stable, so that we don't have to pay a fortune for that. Honestly, I'd love to start
  3. My potential group includes my "Genshiken" club (which is composed of about 10-15 students) and some girls that do not our attend our sausage-fest prep school. Oh, and my father plans to be the chaperon. :3
  4. Their concert in New York City on November 14 was absolutely ridiculous. The set list was fantastic, and I thought The Human Abstract's technical skills were phenomenal. Kyo especially put on quite a show. I hope they come back to the United States soon so that I may be able to buy some more kick-ass, overpriced t-shirts and posters while losing my hearing for weeks on end thanks to the perilous shrieks of raving fangirls! As for the comment dealing with Diru being "Americanized", I personally believe that appreciation for music transcends nationality. Who cares where they are from or
  5. I'm way behind schedule, but I'm in the middle of School Rumble, Kanon, and Clannad. I've been watching most of the shows airing on the Anime News Network, however.
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