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  1. We're not sure as to whether we are taking a road trip or catching a train in NYC. I've been to several anime conventions, but I have never been to one of this size. If only I had more money! xD This will be my first Otakon, and I am extremely excited. The Dealer's Room has me drooling already; I can only imagine how many shiny things will be there. I also can't wait to make some new friends, and maybe even a pen pal. I don't think I've actually written a letter by hand, bahaha.

  2. Tumbleweeds hop around my bank account!

    I have no money saved up for college, let alone this con. And we're not exactly what most people would call wealthy, since everything in the New York/New Jersey area is so damn expensive. I'm not worried at all, though. I will have a job before July 17, and I will have at least 100 dollars saved up for extra spending. Food is usually a problem, so I think we're going to be snacking all day and then chipping in for a nice dinner. I also hope gas prices remain relatively stable, so that we don't have to pay a fortune for that. Honestly, I'd love to start working now, but my schedule for the school musical is too demanding. T.T

    On a side note, rich friends to mooch off of ftw!

  3. Their concert in New York City on November 14 was absolutely ridiculous.

    The set list was fantastic, and I thought The Human Abstract's technical skills were phenomenal.

    Kyo especially put on quite a show. I hope they come back to the United States soon so that I may be able to buy some more kick-ass, overpriced t-shirts and posters while losing my hearing for weeks on end thanks to the perilous shrieks of raving fangirls!

    As for the comment dealing with Diru being "Americanized", I personally believe that appreciation for music transcends nationality. Who cares where they are from or how they have been influenced; if they rock hard, they rock hard. If anything, it is an incredible accomplishment to gain international recognition; very few bands, especially of this particular genre, ever reach that level of success.

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