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  1. I'm definitely going to cosplay as Konishi Mitsuki from the World Ends with You and possibly Yue Ying from Dynasty Warriors 6 (i cosplayed her last otakon)... I'm hoping before otakon, I'll get my cosplay of Seth Nightroad (trinity blood manga version) done so I can cosplay her too! XD
  2. Any Dynasty Warriors cosplayers out there? I was Yue Ying in last years Otakon. Yue Ying with a really bad bow lol^^
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    HI guys!... fan art hmm.. I haven't really done much fanart.. But I have recently done one of Axel from KH2. Now he's not in his usual leather trench because I wanted to try something new with him. So here is the picture. Hope you like! here is the link (it's in my Deviantart account) Axel's Dynasty (cheesy title, I know)
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