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  1. Just finished: Episode 76 of Maison Ikkoku Episode 2 of Diebuster Episode 1 of Pani Poni Dash
  2. Attending a con can be pretty expensive, so rather than spend -too- much money going out to eat or grabbing a bite around the convention center, I'd rather pick up food at a nearby supermarket or perhaps even a Costco/BJ's type place. Are there any within walking distance?
  3. I'm coming with a big group- the number's not finalized but it's going to be about 10-14 people, basically friends or friends-of-friends. Though it's not an official club outing, they're all either former/current members of my old college anime club, or friends thereof.
  4. Hi guys. Going to Otakon for the first time this year (but not my first anime con, though, having been to Anime Next and Anime Expo) and I'm really excited. My question is, though, I'm somewhat more of an "Old school" fan. While I do like some newer or still running shows like Macross Frontier, Inuyasha, Detective Conan, and others, these days I'm more into stuff from the 80s and 90 like Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, the original Macross, etc. So when they show anime in the screenings at Otakon, will it mostly be stuff from the last few years a la Naruto or Death Note, or will I be
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