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  1. Jhawk

    Uh... who?

    They were either cosplaying as Zakus or maybe Snake hiding under the box.
  2. Jhawk

    Uh... who?

    Well my Maiza Cosplay can officially be placed here. I would have thought with the increase in popularity in the show more people might recognize me, but sadly only 2 people did. Though some people in the dealer's room really liked my pocket watch.
  3. I was sad only 2 people recognized my Maiza Cosplay.
  4. I have been re-watching Eva and Serial Experiments Lain recently. As well as watching the Funimation sub of One Piece. Though I'm still pretty sure I like the manga better than the anime for that.
  5. Jhawk

    Uh... who?

    You could also think of Buccha from Air Gear for next year if the gym plan fails. I know I am in decent shape, but I am still rather heavy set. So I have done a good bit of research into those kinds of characters. I am actually going to be doing two obscure characters. At least I think I will. Amarao from FLCL and Maiza from Baccano!. So I'll see if anyone can recognize my Baccano one or not.
  6. Well now I am doing Maiza from Baccano! and Commander Amarao from FLCL. I just need to buy a burgundy tie.
  7. Jhawk

    Uh... who?

    I am actually going to be cosplaying as Commander Amarao this year.
  8. This is a little off topic, but why do people plan more than 3 or 4 cosplays? I can understand 4 if you are gonna cosplay in the Thursday line, but more then that I don't really understand it so much.
  9. You have to look more into the series than what is just on the outer skirts. The story is more about a young boy's coming of age. If you read into all of the sub-levels of the anime you can really see how great it is. But then it is also pretty good as just mindless entertainment if you just look at the top layer. I honestly don't know of any anime that I would consider should never have been made. Each one I have seen I can see a specific group of people that it is targeted for and while I may not like the series I can usually find a couple of people that do love the series. And if I ca
  10. So what if your anime song is in english even in the japanese version?
  11. Yes becareful of mapquest. When we printed out instructions from it before it told us to go down a couple one way streets.
  12. Firakoshadow My first time at the con was 2001 and we had the same problem. They had a home game right during the middle of saturday which made it horrible to try and get inside. They had policemen directing traffic and pretty much not doing anything for the congoers that were trying to cross the street.
  13. Jhawk

    Uh... who?

    I have been thinking about doing a cosplay from NHK. You know the little purple things that torment Satou. Though I don't think anyone would recognize me doing that. At least not without another 2 people for the other letters.
  14. I have done concerts in ballrooms before including a Hilton. Though not this one in Baltimore. Usually you can turn off the lights and they tend to be far enough away from actual rooms that they won't have a problem with noise. The Hilton I did sound for was actually had pretty decent acoustics. I wouldn't say that they are the absolute best, but they don't echo too bad. It also depends on how many rooms they connect together. I would probly say if they did this it would be 2 rooms connected together at LEAST.
  15. You honestly can't say that DBZ should never have been made. It is actually what made alot of my generation of anime fans well...anime fans. Alot of the shows that most people can't stand are what I like to call gateway anime. They take people who may not really be into anime and draw them into one show. They start to watch that show regularly and eventually they decide they want to find more like it and then the ball starts rolling down the hill to otakudom. Believe me I bet most people that started being an anime fan within the last say 10 to 15 years can attribute one of the following
  16. I just started to watch Toradora and I finally got around to watching the 4th season of Major. I know it is kinda sad, but for some reason I love watching the baseball anime more then watching actual baseball.
  17. I am going to be cosplaying as Commander Amarao from FLCL
  18. Well this isn't my first time to Otakon, but it is my first time since 2001. So I have all those same fears and anxieties as you guys do. From what I've heard it will be like going to a brand new convention from how it was back then.
  19. I agree on trying to play more classic anime. But honestly I don't know if playing a bunch of popular old anime would be a good idea. I mean a lot of people who would really want to see it may end up not going to it at all, because of the fact they have already seen it before and there is a new show out that they may like or maybe not. I always try to watch as many different anime as possible, and I'm sure there are a lot of others out there like me. So maybe classic anime would be good, but not your popular ones such as Eva, Trigun, and Bebop. So maybe some of the lesser known titles such as
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