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  1. Everyone's wondering where you've been, lol. You must have been busy. ^^; And you're about to get busier. Have a snack, get some ice cold water -- it's gonna be a ride. XD
  2. Well... I know Walmart; we have no Giants or Safeways down here in SE Va. ^^;;;
  3. I heard that there's some sort of singles' meetup or something on facebook. I'd be down for hitting a museum or two on Thursday, depending on when my roommates show up.
  4. Oooh, I could use the Circulator to make a Walmart run on Day Zero... XD
  5. On SmarTrip and the Circulator: I think you can use your SmarTrip card on the Circulator, if I remember right.
  6. If anyone's going to be in D.C. early Thursday, I'd be down to hang out, since I plan on getting in pretty early, lol. ^^;;;
  7. *low whistles* Wow, that's... very thorough. o.o
  8. Odd, I couldn't find Safeway on the restaurant map. And I totally missed the Giant. Whoops, my bad. ^^;;;
  9. I don't know about buses, though -- I do know that the Circulator takes cash.
  10. Here's one for WHEN you pack: get some of those vacuum bags(the ones what you can remove the air from)for your suitcase, and use those. They really do save space and you can pack more things, or just pack them better. I don't know if I would recommend them for cosplay stuff(YMMV), but for regular clothes, you should be fine and dandy.
  11. Better call the cyber police XD (something something consequences will never be the same)
  12. I'm trying to decide if I want to splurge on a new game(or games, if the price is right) this week. I mean, I wanna get FF XII Zodiac Age, but I also want DQ VII and DQ VIII for 3DS...
  13. If I decide to bring Stein, all I really need to do is touch up the paint on the headscrew. That's about it, really.
  14. Wouldn't grocery stores fall under the subject of "daily needs"? I know I plan on picking up chips and soda and maybe a few other things from a Wal-mart or something. It's probably a little late to edit the map for this year, but it's something to think about for next.
  15. Yeah, I was expecting to wait at least another week at most.