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  1. Nekocon 2017- Who's going?

    *raises hand* j0. (well, considering i'm staffing again this year, i guess i *have* to go, lol.)
  2. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Okay, now I can officially throw in my... um... however much two cents is in yen... ^^;;; ehehe. VAs/seiyuu: - umm, dunno. ^^; Production, etc: - since next year's theme is mecha, I only have one request: Shoji Kawamori. Of course, that would be dependent on how busy he would be with the Macross Delta movie or whatever the next Macross series is called... Musical acts: - WALKURE. (see the entry for Kawamori above, namely the bit about the Delta film) - Mari Iijima. According to animecons.com, she hasn't been to Otakon since 1999. Isn't it time to bring her back? - BAND-MAID. I don't think they've done an East Coast con yet, and it would be a coup for Otakon if y'all got them. Everything else: - ZUN. Because why not? - Hiroshi Fujioka. Because Kamen Rider Ichigo. Also Segata Sanshiro. - Heck, anyone from tokusatsu would do.
  3. Guest Request: 2015

    Oh, you're adorable. Yes, I'm aware of his anime (and Trek) connections. And MMPR, but... (and hey, y'all got Dante Basco, so...) Personally? I'd like to see Hiroshi Fujioka(aka Kamen Rider Ichigo).
  4. Guest Request: 2015

    I just have one that I can think of at the moment: Bryan Cranston.
  5. :O Otakon group finder

    I guess I'll add my ten yen to this... Name: Mark. Age: just past 39 at the time of Otakon. Cosplaying as: Narutaki from Kamen Rider Decade. Interests: Anime, manga, video games, computers. Hobbies: See above. Also a very small collection of Revoltech/Figma which I'd like to add to this year, if possible. Anything else?: I've had people tell me I should get into voice acting/announcing. I like to think that they're full of crap. (also, I obviously have a very strange sense of humor, and Saffy from AbFab should be worshiped as a geek goddess.)