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  1. onsenmark

    Unofficial Otakon Discord Server and Community Events

    ...needs more Macross. *runs away*
  2. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Well... they're there NOW, so... ^^;
  3. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    I'm hoping for Nao Toyama, at this point. Naobou, Naobou, Naobou, Naobou...
  4. onsenmark

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    As I type this post(and after checking the Circulator website), it would appear that free fares on the Circulator routes are still in place. Hopefully, it'll stay that way for the foreseeable future.
  5. onsenmark

    Would Otakon ever try this?

    I'd love to have Square Enix show up this year(if only so I can save on shipping and get a copy of Cactpot Party, lol) Plus, who wouldn't want to have an aetheryte in the dealers' room? Too bad we can't link it to another one, because they aren't real, lol.
  6. onsenmark

    Scooters in DC?

    https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&client=firefox-b-1-d&q=dc+scooter+share&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiV39WU5K_iAhWBiOAKHT4DAa0Q1QIoAnoECAsQAw&biw=1680&bih=914 There are at least six different companies servicing DC; but I think which one you'd find depends on the location of your hotel. Price is generally about $1(for the first minute?), then 15 cents a minute thereafter. Good for quick jaunts, but it would get pricey if you have it out all day...
  7. onsenmark

    The 2019 Otakon Goer Roll-Call Thread

    Okay, really, this time: The BONUS ? for 2019: What was the awesomest or most unique cosplay or crossplay you have seen and/or worn at an Otakon? Prolly a friend's Kamen Rider cosplays. He was Fourze Base States one year, and I *think* OOO PuToTyra Form another year? I'm not certain...
  8. onsenmark

    The 2019 Washington Area Travelers Advisory

    I'm not sure if this is the thread for this(but just in case) -- free fares on the D.C. Circulator may not last: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/bowser-and-dc-council-spar-over-keeping-circulator-free-and-who-it-benefits/2019/05/12/0731e13c-71ac-11e9-9eb4-0828f5389013_story.html
  9. onsenmark

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    trolololol Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will cost one dollar, or that it will be sold to you by a gentleman with incredible style and flow. *goes to listen to ICW remixes on MooCube*
  10. onsenmark

    What are you playing?: 2019 Edition!

    Since I have a device that can play it, I've been playing some Dissidia FF: Opera Omnia as of late. Also a bit of Love Live!, BanG Dream!, and Revue Starlight...
  11. onsenmark

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Not necessarily con-related, but I finally hope to meet some of you people, like from Discord n' stuff. Y'all know who you are, lol.
  12. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Ooooh, Ryuko Matoi? Is there a GameStop in the general area for those who need to get a copy of Kill La Kill: IF that weekend? Oh, and I have another addendum to my list: Kenji Ohtsuki. I don't think he's EVER been to the US, has he?
  13. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    AFAIK, he's still in Jojo. Viz and/or Bang Zoom! haven't canned him yet, just Funi and RT. Other than that? I don't wanna talk about this anymore -- this whole thing is starting to give me a migrane. Let this whole thing be something for the courts to decide...