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    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    I'll second LilyPichu, but only if she follows cosplayers around while playing a melodica like that one video. On Vic: yeah, it's not going to happen for a long while, at best. Let's move on.
  2. onsenmark

    Japanese Musical Guest Guessing Contest?

    *hopes it's Walkure, dangit*
  3. onsenmark

    Possible to require registration before posting?

    *insert flutteryay.jpg here* XD
  4. It's a little early, I know. But what are you currently playing, or are planning on playing when 2019 rolls around? I'm currently playing seemingly ungodly amounts of Final Fantasy XIV. I managed to get a character through the main Stormblood content, but I'm currently stuck, as her average item level isn't quite high enough. ^^;
  5. onsenmark

    What are you playing?: 2019 Edition!

    Still playing FF XIV, and trying to get at least one character post-Stormblood before Shadowbringers drops in July. Because HOLY CRAP GUNBREAKER HNNNNNNNNNG also viera lalas are still the master race, though
  6. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    ^^^ this ^^^ That being said... ZUN. Did I already suggest getting him? If not, then get ZUN to show up this year. XD
  7. onsenmark

    Updated Unofficial Otakon Discord Invite Link

    but... but... I'm not cool! *hides*
  8. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    >Vic pfffffffffffffffffffftbahahaha yaright. Not anymore, considering.
  9. onsenmark

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Some reproduction stuff would be cool; I miss my '09 shirt. ;_;
  10. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Oh God, yes. HIROSHI FUJIOKA, plz. And your question re: toku actors moving to voice acting? Yes; Mao Ichimichi did voice work after doing Gokaiger, then came back to Super Sentai to voice Washi Pink in Kyuranger. I think Junya Ikeda(Gokai Silver) did some voice work in anime, too. So, it happens.
  11. Yeah, I don't see someone setting off fireworks in the WEWCC, because that would be dumb. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe outside, if it were feasible? Like sparklers or something. Some food trucks selling Japanese style food would be nice, yeah.
  12. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Update to my previous list: Franchouchou. XD
  13. onsenmark

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    *rises from his slumber* - Walkure - Walkure - Walkure(seriously, we got Kawamori this year(and I am kicking myself for not going, over and over and...), but no Walkure? Otakon, I am mildly disappoint.) Now that we have that out of the way: Dub actors: - can't think of any, offhand, really. Maybe get Kyle Hebert back? Seiyuu: - Ami Koshimizu - seconding Yoko Hikasa(particularly if y'all get Walkure) Mangaka: - Kaoru Mori - Bkub Okawa Musical: - JUNNA(with or without Walkure) That's all I can think of for now...
  14. onsenmark

    Guest Request: 2015

    Oh, you're adorable. Yes, I'm aware of his anime (and Trek) connections. And MMPR, but... (and hey, y'all got Dante Basco, so...) Personally? I'd like to see Hiroshi Fujioka(aka Kamen Rider Ichigo).
  15. onsenmark

    Guest Request: 2015

    I just have one that I can think of at the moment: Bryan Cranston.
  16. onsenmark

    :O Otakon group finder

    I guess I'll add my ten yen to this... Name: Mark. Age: just past 39 at the time of Otakon. Cosplaying as: Narutaki from Kamen Rider Decade. Interests: Anime, manga, video games, computers. Hobbies: See above. Also a very small collection of Revoltech/Figma which I'd like to add to this year, if possible. Anything else?: I've had people tell me I should get into voice acting/announcing. I like to think that they're full of crap. (also, I obviously have a very strange sense of humor, and Saffy from AbFab should be worshiped as a geek goddess.)