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  1. Oh, you're adorable. Yes, I'm aware of his anime (and Trek) connections. And MMPR, but... (and hey, y'all got Dante Basco, so...) Personally? I'd like to see Hiroshi Fujioka(aka Kamen Rider Ichigo).
  2. I just have one that I can think of at the moment: Bryan Cranston.
  3. This thread is from 2008, yanno.
  4. Right now, I'm watching Sexy Voice and Robo, and I recently watched both Anmitsu Hime TV specials. I think I'm on a minor J-drama kick right now...
  5. It's not anime, but lately I've been more or less into Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
  6. Didn't I spend ENOUGH with you guys at Katsucon? (I was the guy who bought the sealed copy of .hack//QUARANTINE) XD There's one game I'd like to get, but sadly, Macross Ultimate Frontier won't be out before Otakon...
  7. I'm surprised I hadn't posted to this thread yet. Or have I? No, I don't think I have. Anyway... Name (First name or Alias):: Mark. Or OnsenMark. The latter will work. Age:: 36. Anyone cops a 'tude about it and I'll hit you with my cane. Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con?:: I try to get a few hours in, at least. Drink or smoke:: Drink, sometimes, Smoke -- I'm trying to quit; Ota weekend is the last time I plan to be smoking more than one or two cigarettes on occasion. Tell us about yourself:: Otaku before I ever heard of the word. Seriously, I
  8. I'm still debating on whether or not I want to do Old Man Logan!Wolverine cosplay or not. XD
  9. when shall thee sleep cause yout not gonna have much time the entire weekend?
  10. I'll be there in plenty of time for pre-reg; the bus I plan on taking leaves Wednesday night and gets into Baltimore around 6AM Thursday morning. lol.
  11. I'm trying to put together an Old Man Logan cosplay(sans claws, lol) together for the heck of it, prolly for Saturday. I haven't decided yet.
  12. I'm only going 'cause I had a week of unused vacation I cashed in.
  13. Now I'm wondering: are there any liquor stores near the BCC, or is it all bars and the like?
  14. Right now, I requested to have a week's vacation I'm got built up cashed in, and that should cover the basic costs of the con(registration, hotel, and bus fare, if needed). Plus I've prolly got some stuff I can afford to get rid of; which reminds me, I need to put this TV on craigslist...
  15. I need to finish watching Rideback. Plus I need to give Last Exile another go-round. Speaking of, kinda, I should prolly start watching Shangri-la...
  16. I'm not sure when I'll get in line, but it'll prolly be when my roomies do.
  17. Me, myself, and I. XD But I expect to touch base with online friends and the like at the con, so it's all good.
  18. The Hilton will fall into the earth from an unknown sink hole that Baltimore City failed to recognize.
  19. Ahaha, thanks for all the info(and I guess there'll be more).
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