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  1. ah, there will still be a line. last year around that exact time the line was still scary. I know this 'cause my friend was in that line at 11am.
  2. Eeeh, I'm taking Amtrak up from Georgia and won't be in Baltimore until around 11:30 Friday morning. So I'll be missing the pre-reg line by default. *G*
  3. I'm cosplaying as Quistis in her SeeD uniform (Final Fantasy VIII) and hopefully Amy from Soul Calibur IV.
  4. This will be my first Otakon but I've been to AWA four times so I'm not feeling too terribly nervous about it. Although I'll be traveling up by train and I've never done that before and I've also never been to Baltimore. *G*
  5. I've still got about a third of my income tax return - some of that will go towards the train ticket to get to Baltimore. I'm not going to have to stay at a hotel room so I can totally take that money and put it towards Dealer's Room stuff. \o/ I'm also making a list of what I want to buy (example: I would like to buy the rest of the Fruits Basket manga) instead of just grabbing things left and right. Uhm, this didn't really help last time I went to AWA but I guess it's a nice thought? *g* Oh, and setting aside a bit of money from each check, of course.
  6. My group is going to be small - just my friend, her boyfriend, and me. Fortunately, she lives in Baltimore so we're not going to have to spend a fortune on a hotel room. \o/
  7. I'll be cosplaying as SeeD uniform!Quistis on Saturday.
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