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    Cosplayer:<br /><br />Anti-Spiral Nia: Gurren Lagann<br />Hikaru Shidou: Magic Knight Rayearth<br />Amaterasu or Ammy: Okami<br />Kyogre: Pokemon<br />Rikku: Final Fantasy

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  1. This is going to be a good turn out everyone! We're gonna try bring some music from the old school games
  2. Pokemon Snap LIVE! Have you ever fantasied about a living, breathing world of pokemon? Greetings fellow conventionists! We, Project Cosplay, have decided that the time of merely watching Pokemon on screens or in our DS’s was over. We want to make the pokemon world collide into our own world. So we are calling out to all of the Pokemon cosplayers to bring out everything from your inner Jiggleypuff to the Legendaries, to real life. Our goal is to have fun! This will take place all saturday! We will be walking around the whole con, and if you are in a pokemon cosplay
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