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  1. I like the Wikipedia one. ^^ The fact that it takes two sneezes to be a bad thing said means that most of the time It'l be good.
  2. I gotta be honest, the way that girl defined yuri vs yoai has been my own loose understanding of the terms. I had done research on the subject a few years back and was not able to find adequate definitions for either the Japanese intonations nor the etymology of the words themselves. I had to take from what was around me and conclude what I could; yuri was girl's love, yoai was boy's. In a situation like that, how am I supposed to know that what I've concluded is wrong, you know? Also, I'm still curious... Yuri is an orchid thing? So it just means (pardon me) labia, then? And yoai.. I
  3. Pyon, I think I know where you're coming from (think because I skimmed your first post as it was so long), but about your saying you hate how 'bastardized' some of the Japanese words are in America- I agree with you- to a point. Considering American dictionaries are constantly overwritten with slang when they used to carry more 'proper' English, I think it may be part of our culture to change the words that enter in an effort to 'make them our own'. I am not involved in deep study of language history, but that is my experience and overall feeling. I truly enjoy knowing the real meani
  4. LOL... I would have posted more here had my internet been awake yesterday. I've taken two years of it and four classes, and where I am lacking may well be in vocabulary (I have too look far too many words up), but we are each given a measure, right? I can recommend the Genki book series for anyone who prefers a classroom style of learning. They are produced by The Japan Times. Pertaining to the sentence above; Itsu ohayou o kakimashita boku no jikan wa jyuu ichi-ji desu. The primary sentence structure of Nihongo is either TTPOV, or TFTGV (as the order within a sentance);
  5. I fly from Northern Ohio every year, I save up a bit to go- you have to spend SOME money to stimulate the economy, and nowhere needs it more than Baltimore! lol... I am going!! Edit: Also, if Aramark goes, that WOULD BE FINE with me!! Their food is expensive and low quality. They don't even offer anything Nippon-related there (unless Last year was different, as I wasn't among attendance)... {mbmblll.. keeping vendors from selling pocky....mmblee}
  6. It is sort of frustrating how many things are removed from the site right after the con. I've always wanted to look at old schedules and things.
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