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  1. I received my confirmation email this morning (thanks!), and I sent in my pre-registration form the same day they opened the pre-reg. In a thread in this forum it was stated that you should hear back within 5 days.
  2. For the check-in, do we need to be in the costume we will be wearing for judging?
  3. I was one of the people affected last year by the site's hiccup and didn't find out my pre-reg form was eaten until a few days before the convention. So I was wondering how long we should expect to wait until we receive our emailed confirmation of pre-registration this year. I know this is an early question considering pre-reg opened yesterday, but I'm a bit anxious given my experience last year.
  4. Being one of the people affected by this, I was wondering how exactly it happened. There are several rumors floating about, and I was hoping to find the official reason from someone involved in the Hall Contest. Most of what I've heard involved some sort of server glitch that ate all of the forms sent in on the first day pre-reg opened. Can anyone provide some concrete information on this situation?
  5. Still no email, and I leave tonight. I guess I'll just go up for sign-in and hope to find out I was actually preregged. It sucks to think I may wear this elaborate and hot outfit for more time than necessary, but it seems like this is the only option left at this point.
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