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  1. My two favorite panels for the year were the first two that ran Friday in Panel 4: the OC Remix panel and then Anime Parliament.

    OC Remix:

    I went to the OCR panel on a whim, figuring, hey, I've lurked on that site for about 6 years now, let's see what they have to present at Otakon. This was a very enjoyable panel! There were a lot of people in that room and obviously, only so many folks in the audience get to participate one-on-one with the panelists, but the way the panel was structured made it very interactive and enjoyable to be a part of. For anybody who likes both music and video games it was a lot of fun. I was glad that I decided to wake up early enough to be sure to get registered before this panel started. I hope that the Powers That Be will consider giving this panel a "prime time" slot as it seems like the sort of panel that could easily turn into a con cult classic.

    If any of the panelists from OCR themselves happen by, my suggestion would be to show more of the "how you make a remix" stuff in future panels, as that's something that I know I'd be pretty interested in.

    Anime Parliament:

    I always love this panel, my complaint with it this year is that it was scheduled at noon on Friday and only given one hour instead of two!

    My understanding is that this panel was almost cancelled, which would have made me very sad, because the panel creator was set to judge cosplay during the time his panel was scheduled for. This is another one of those great panels that could probably fill up a big room in a prime, evening panel slot and it is too bad that was not the case this year. It is another panel that is very interactive and I think everybody who goes can come away and feel like they got to participate in the panel even if they did not actually get to speak.

    It's a great concept and always a lot of fun. I hope that it will be given some more consideration for a longer/later slot for next time.

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