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  1. These replies have been kind of interesting in that it kinda feels like a lot of the posters have never been to a con held entirely IN a hotel. Maybe I've just been lucky, but it's seemed to me that the shenanigans were more or less pretty contained and kept to the lobbyish areas and have never bothered me. I had more of a problem sleeping in a dorm and people being out of control jerks then I ever had at a hotel during a con. Even not being contained to a single hotel, those same shenanigans seem to go on during Otakon in every hotel I've stayed at during it, since it's still full of con p
  2. Summer just isn't summer without Otakon. My year almost revolves around it. Mainly though because I see friends at Otakon that I really ONLY get to see at Otakon. I've just cut back on things like going out to eat...it's amazing how fast that adds up.
  3. I usually am with a group of about 13...but this year it's gonna be I think about 8. All but one are people I met online almost a decade ago and we've been going to Otakon together every year.
  4. I'm always sorta blown away by posts in the past I saw of people dropping insane amounts of money at Otakon...something that I've honestly never really done or even really seen a need for. The biggest splurge I've really had was going to the aquarium last year with my friends, and that's not even really "Otakon". I barely even feel the registration price, because I pay for it when it's first possible to, so when it's separate and not lumped in with everything else it's not as much of a hurt. I end up spending like, maybe 200-250 dollars aside from the registration price. Plus I take it as
  5. The Rite Aid and a CVS a little farther down both are awesome for food and drinks...buuut they both close absurdly early. And last year the people at the CVS were less then friendly, at one point calling the police because they freaked out so bad. The police didn't actually do anything, since nobody had actually DONE anything, and just had to explain to the people working there just what was going on. lol. The 7-11 we go to is the one right across the street from our hotel the Brookshire, and has seriously more employees then I've ever seen working at one time. It was running like a well
  6. Oh ya, I forgot, Brookshire Suites also had an endless supply of free apples in the lobby. lol.
  7. Since there's so many hotels nearby Otakon, I thought it'd be helpful if there was a thread about what you thought of them. It'll be nice for comparison and deciding on hotels for next year. SO... Place I stayed: Brookshire Suites Number of people in room: 9 Hotel Staff: kind of spaced out most of the time, but generally helpful and amused by the con goers. Walk to the con center: about 7 minutes The bad: They charge you an extra 10 dollars a night that they don't tell you about until you get there called a "destination fee", but it includes a couple of things like free inter
  8. The guy who started the dbz thread is actually a really close friend of mine....lol. I USED to be really annoyed, but alas, I was young and stupid. I think a lot more logically now. I'm starting to think getting somebody like L'arc was a tremendous stroke of luck. I know a lot of people complain about a lack of a big name band, but I've started to think of it from their end. I can't imagine that there's a ton of huge bands chomping at the bit to come all the way to America to play for a bunch of otaku (espeically knowing that otaku is generally a negative in mainstream Japan). If yo
  9. I will never understand people's desire to stand outside all day Thursday in a line. I spend all day Thursday hanging out with my friends, going to dinner, and hanging around the harbor/room...THEN later in the evening I go stand in line for like not even 20 minutes. Other lines are pretty unavoidable though. I use my DS a lot, between pictochatting and games like Mario Kart. At Katsucon, Mario Party was a real life saver since a bunch of people can all play no matter if they have the game or not. Usually I'm with at least one friend too, so well, I talk and socialize.
  10. I room every year with the same people. It's kind of funny since the manner of how we met, an anime chatroom on an program called Palace, doesn't really exist anymore, but we continue to have our annual meeting (and we come from all over the country). I enjoy seeing them probably more then the actual con, to be honest.
  11. Lol...I remember years ago when I first started going to cons I would faithfully get up at get there soon as the con started and stay there till it closed, sleep like two hours, then wake up and do it again. Now though...I still sleep about two hours but spend considerably more time just hanging out with my friends, since most of them I only see at Otakon.
  12. Otakon is like a bit of a vacation for me, so as far as food and such goes, I dont really budget. I stay Thursday-Monday morning and generally have between 2 and 3 sit down meals and the rest eat at the food court area at Harborplace. We cram about 10 people into one room, which generally brings the hotel price down considerably, even with staying the extra night on Sunday. The internet used to be free when the hotel was Wyndham, but last year we went ahead and paid the 10 dollars a day for it at the Sheraton. When it comes to the Dealer Room though...I really dont spend hardly anything.
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