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  1. Hotels 2018?

    I figured that might be the issue, but given how many people have booked already, I can't help but wonder if that will hurt attempts to get better rates...
  2. Hotels 2018?

    Has it ever taken this long to announce hotels? I've been to 10 Otakons so far and can't recall it being so long before.
  3. Hotels

    Well I do too, but I opted to get a place to stay because Otakon is kind of my time to get away from daily life and I like to be immersed in it. Also, during the rainstorm we had on Saturday night, Lyft was charging over $80 to get a ride home. So yeah, glad I opted to stay nearby instead.
  4. Hotels 2018?

    Already checked before I made the reservation since that's what I thought too. But they told me travel wasn't required, only an ID to confirm.
  5. Hotels 2018?

    I made a reservation at a hotel that offered a government employee rate that was pretty good. Will see if the Otakon block offers anything better though.
  6. Number of attendees?

    I did think it seemed like there weren't as many dealers as usual.
  7. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    Did anyone stay at the Pod hotel in Chinatown? I'd be really interested to hear about that one.
  8. The arrest?

    I think he just likes to annoy crowds in general. He might be living in DC now, because I saw him months before the con yelling taunts at people walking into the US capitol building, I also saw him taunting a group of protesters outside the capitol when the healthcare debate was going on. Or maybe he just travels back and forth between DC and Baltimore.
  9. The arrest?

    Saw a guy doing that on Friday! If this is the guy, he''s the same street preacher who used to harass con-goers in Baltimore, looks like he followed us. But I've also seen him yelling over his megaphone outside the US capitol.
  10. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    Love the idea!
  11. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Well to be fair I have been to conventions that allow you into the general areas, like Anime USA (its in a hotel so people not attending are still walking around the area, badge checks are done for panel rooms and such - if I wanted to go in and just take pictures I absolutely could do so) but those tend to be smaller conventions that don't rent out the entire place. Could be an honest, if not assumptive, mistake.
  12. Three random passerby (one guy asked me from his car, another was a guy I passed by on the street and the third was a woman who was at one of those mobile religious displays in Chinatown) asked me about what the con was, I told them it was the biggest anime convention on the East Coast and we have just moved to DC from Baltimore. I used to get asked the same question in Baltimore, usually from tourists.
  13. Otakon 2017 Cosplay Pictures

    This was probably my favorite one: