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  1. I was going to be Nana Shimura this year so I'm just saving the cosplay for 2021. But I might be tempted to go as a plague doctor too...
  2. Not that we needed another reason to never have him as a guest again, but take a look at these gems from him:
  3. Not terribly relevant to us now I guess, but I had a lot of good con related memories there, and I do hate to see a brick and mortar bookstore go 😭 https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/08/25/barnes-noble-closing-inner-harbor-location/
  4. Online Comic Con is this week. Should be interesting.
  5. They're expecting a second wave to happen this fall, so don't get your hopes up.
  6. I understand that no free time otakon is the only time off I take all year.so in Kendo you good ?

  7. I've done Kendo the longest, four years now. I didn't have time for it in the last year or so.

  8. it's okay it happens I figured you just didn't want to talk to me because it kinda happens often to me sometimes people are a little hesitant to talk to me because well the reason I was given was because I look a little scary and or creepy. I just tell everyone it's because of the beard :P so it's cool ^_^ so have you been practicing martial arts long or was it something you just g

  9. Hey sorry, I just noticed your comment from a few months back on my page (d'oh!).

    Both, I'm interested in a lot of them (like Jeet Kune Do) and I've practiced Kendo Iaido and Aikido.

  10. I was just curious but do you practice martial arts or are you just interested in them ?

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