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  1. Your first Otakon

    It was in 2007. I had been into anime for years before that, but that was the first opportunity I had to go to a convention. Been to every Otakon since except for 2012. So Otakon 2017 was my 10th Otakon anniversary
  2. Posted on Otakon's Facebook Page, is this legit?

    Thing is, it doesn't even refer to what weekend it meant. It was posted at 10 AM on Sunday, so if it was that weekend, that's way too late notice. If its next weekend, we have little indication. Not even mentioning how many theaters (movie? stage?) are in the DMV, is it something hidden physically? Do we ask the staff? There doesn't even seem to be info on Otakon''s main website.
  3. So this was posted on Otakon's FB page on Sunday, and most people were confused by how vague it was. Is this a real promotion? If so, why is it so vague?
  4. Hotels

  5. Hotels

    Well I do too, but I opted to get a place to stay because Otakon is kind of my time to get away from daily life and I like to be immersed in it. Also, during the rainstorm we had on Saturday night, Lyft was charging over $80 to get a ride home. So yeah, glad I opted to stay nearby instead.
  6. The Good - SPAAAAACE - I learned my way around the con surprisingly easy, and this is coming from someone who constantly got lost around the BCC for at least three years. - So many more food options, including actual grocery stores - Friendly convention staff, nice change compared to the BCC staff. - Managed to get a nice Airbnb that was super close and nicely priced. - Great AMV contest The Bad - Bag checks, particularly on Friday morning - No Friday/Saturday fan parodies. Yes, I know this was announced in advance, but it still felt sad not to have them as part of the event. - Didn't find much to buy in the Dealer's Room - Con food prices. The Ugly - Temperature in the Main Events room. FREEZING. Appreciated the AC in general though, the heat outside was awful. - Heat/humidity outside. Made me resort to con food to avoid it.
  7. I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Well, I'm suddenly glad I opted for the Thursday pre reg pickup. I hope badges arrive on time, but I'd hate to have this anxiety going on...
  8. I understand that no free time otakon is the only time off I take all year.so in Kendo you good ?

  9. I've done Kendo the longest, four years now. I didn't have time for it in the last year or so.

  10. it's okay it happens I figured you just didn't want to talk to me because it kinda happens often to me sometimes people are a little hesitant to talk to me because well the reason I was given was because I look a little scary and or creepy. I just tell everyone it's because of the beard :P so it's cool ^_^ so have you been practicing martial arts long or was it something you just g

  11. Hey sorry, I just noticed your comment from a few months back on my page (d'oh!).

    Both, I'm interested in a lot of them (like Jeet Kune Do) and I've practiced Kendo Iaido and Aikido.

  12. I was just curious but do you practice martial arts or are you just interested in them ?