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  1. Saw quite a few maskless vendors the times I was in the DR.
  2. As far as I can remember, yes.
  3. It was fun following this while it happened: https://www.gaming.net/otakon-2022-and-the-saga-of-the-stolen-ms-hina-cutout/
  4. Christopher Wehkamp Monica Rial
  5. I always consider shocked passerby to be part of the fun.
  6. Is the Eaton a new hotel? I don't recall seeing it last year.
  7. Didn't make it to a ton of panels this year because reasons, but here's my feedback for some: Manly Battleships: Gameshow Impossibru at the AMV theater was a hoot and fun from start to finish. True History of 4kids: Had the opposite problem of some other panels - panel finished extra early (like around 30 mins early) mainly due to the panelist just talking extra fast and seemingly a shortage of material. Afterlife in Anime: Was expecting more of a discussion of isekai but it was more about Buddhism and its views on the afterlife. An interesting subject on its own, but not what
  8. Was a panelist this year, can confirm we had to go and get our ribbons friday morning though we got badges on thursday. Maybe I just got there early but there were approx 10 people checking in when we got there.
  9. I'll miss it if it goes, but yeah its not the hive of activity it onc was.
  10. Good: Great con overall, had fun. My panel was well attended and my cosplay was a hit. Bad: Zeno Robinson being an hour late to the scheduled autograph session on Friday, apparently there was some schedule confusion but what really was aggravating was that staff there said nothing to us about why the delay was happening. Ugly: The saturday chaos. Fortunately I got in to the con early and the line at the marriot was about 20 mins but people with me who got in line later in the morning (who had bages and wristbands) were stuck in it for over an hour. I also didn't dare set foot outsid
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