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  1. windseeker

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Christopher Sabat
  2. windseeker

    Panel reimbursement question

    I haven't received mine either. I'll try the email.
  3. windseeker


    Odd, my brother does do photos semi professionally and he's never been asked for a business card at Otakon in all the years he's been there.
  4. I thought there were fewer water dispensers than usual this year. I had to look to find one quite a few times.
  5. Well looks like they changed their dates since yesterday, I looked at the website yesterday and the old dates were still up. Glad they jumped on that, because yeah, no way they could compete with Otakon.
  6. windseeker

    Panelist Appreciation Thread / Requests

    I was wondering this too, but just assumed it got cancelled.
  7. windseeker

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    Sorry, that's just ignorant. These people KILLED a woman the last time they had their rally. Its not "hysteria" to react to that. Ignoring a problem doesn't magically solve it. We ignored nazis for decades and we are dealing with them now as a result.
  8. windseeker

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    Meh, that isn't the case for a good chunk of the newer anime fans. I do know the overall story and I did watch Evangelion ReDeath every year it was on at the fan parodies...does that count ? Also, you'd be pretty suprised how many people don't care for the Beatles. Isn't anyone who listens to music in general a "music fan"? I just dont seem to like mecha series. Don't know why. I got into anime watching a lot of older series (Kimba the White Lion and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman anyone?)
  9. I've seen a number of people online complianing or concerned about this. I attended the first year of Blerdcon in 2017, couldn't make it this year but I know a lot of people who love it. Blerdcon, a more niche con focusing on fans in the minority communities, will be in its third year in 2019 and is still a growing con, but having to compete with Otakon will be...difficult to say the least. Especially that its not at all far from the convention center. I'm wondering if this was taken into consideration when the new dates were selected? I know not every weekend is open for renting the WEWCC, but this just seems very tone deaf for a large and established con, especially seeing how Blerdcon was here at the dealer's room trying to garner interest in people attending.
  10. The Good: -Got into all but one panel I wanted to see -Had a very successful cosplay this year, a bigger hit and more photo requests than I had expected. I did have a minor emergency with a piece of it but managed to fix things relatively okay. -My first ever panel went well -All around good time The Bad: -Some of the panel rooms are downright freezing. I brought a throw blanket in my bag for this but was still chilly. - Lack of weapons vendors in the dealers room. I only spotted two and the selection was very limited. -Quite a few panel cancellations. Not otakon's fault, but still. The Ugly: - NO FAN PARODIES. Its just always been a staple of the otakon experience for me. - Why was OtaMug not advertised???
  11. I wanted to know this too. Yep, I had no idea about OtaMug either. I'm disappointed now :(
  12. Guess that explains why there were fewer sellers.
  13. windseeker

    Panelist Appreciation Thread / Requests

    AMV's With a Message: Some of the best AMV's I've ever seen. Superheroes in Asian Film: A lot more entertaining than I had expected!
  14. ...really? I've always just had them wrapped up and handed to me. And I've been going to Otakon since 2007. Is it only just being enforced now?
  15. windseeker

    Forbes article on Otakon 2018