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  1. I want to be Nui from Mushishi.
  2. Would be fun to sing on the metro if there are a bunch of cosplayers on a single car.
  3. I haven't seen any myself when I've been at the DC Convention Center, then again I definitely haven't used all the restrooms.
  4. Hopefully we might get some good food truck options at the convention center or nearby. This is a good site for keeping track of DC food trucks:
  5. I've been to events there a few times, never felt freezing. Do keep in mind it'll be hot outside.
  6. True. There was an article not too long ago in the Washington Post about how restaurant staff in the DC area was overwhelmingly metro dependent on weekend late nights: I imagine business owners will come out swinging against the proposal. Guess we just need to wait and see.
  7. Good point there. Anime USA once did that with Uber, I think it was a free ride up to $30 for your first Uber ride (and it was for me!) Hm, I usually either metro or take an Uber home during Anime USA, I live about 25 mins away and its nice not to spend $$ on a hotel. But yeah I love the hotel stay during Otakon so I'm conflicted about 2017...
  8. Looks like Uber will be getting a lot of business... This wouldn't just be bad news for Otakon, it would be bad news for a lot of restaurants and businesses in DC who depend on late night patrons.
  9. Well, I'm suddenly glad I opted for the Thursday pre reg pickup. I hope badges arrive on time, but I'd hate to have this anxiety going on...
  10. I understand that no free time otakon is the only time off I take all in Kendo you good ?

  11. I've done Kendo the longest, four years now. I didn't have time for it in the last year or so.

  12. it's okay it happens I figured you just didn't want to talk to me because it kinda happens often to me sometimes people are a little hesitant to talk to me because well the reason I was given was because I look a little scary and or creepy. I just tell everyone it's because of the beard :P so it's cool ^_^ so have you been practicing martial arts long or was it something you just g

  13. Hey sorry, I just noticed your comment from a few months back on my page (d'oh!).

    Both, I'm interested in a lot of them (like Jeet Kune Do) and I've practiced Kendo Iaido and Aikido.

  14. I was just curious but do you practice martial arts or are you just interested in them ?