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    Panel Question

    Hi, I was wondering if all the notifications for panels had been sent out yet? I submitted two panels, and got a response for one of them on May 21st, but have yet to hear back on the second one.
  2. I'm contemplating a cosplay that involves a tea kettle. Not as a weapon but just a prop. I hope that wouldn't cause problems?
  3. windseeker

    The 2019 Otakon Goer Roll-Call Thread

    PREFERRED´╗┐ NAME: StephHOMETOWN: Rockville, MD# OF OTAKONS ATTENDED: 2019 will be my 12thThe BONUS ? A perfect Van Pelt from Jumanji.
  4. windseeker

    Are all metal objects banned or only weapons?

  5. Just goes to show how hard it is for victims of sexual harassment/assault to come forward, no matter where they happen to work. Whether its sports, the culinary industry, church, etc.
  6. Well this is f-ing, awful, to say the least. It felt pretty devastating when the creator of Rurouni Kenshin was busted for child porn, since I loved that series so much growing up. This feels similar given how FMA was very important to me in my high school years. Vic wasn't my favorite voice actor or anything, but everyone knew him as a staple figure in the community. You just feel duped on a personal level, you know?
  7. windseeker

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Well, I'm suddenly glad I opted for the Thursday pre reg pickup. I hope badges arrive on time, but I'd hate to have this anxiety going on...
  8. I've done Kendo the longest, four years now. I didn't have time for it in the last year or so.

  9. Hey sorry, I just noticed your comment from a few months back on my page (d'oh!).

    Both, I'm interested in a lot of them (like Jeet Kune Do) and I've practiced Kendo Iaido and Aikido.