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  1. Forgot to include this under Bad:

    The Otakon Game Show. I didn't stay for the whole thing because, well, I couldn't see what was going on. You had to be in the first few rows to even get a glimpse. And from what I heard at the con feedback session, it didn't get much better, a guy was complaining that the whole thing was basically "elementary school games." 

  2. Good:

    The guest lineup

    Richard Epcar's Outtake Panel

    My panel went better than I expected, I was nervous about 1 AM turnout but it went well.

    Fan parodies are back!

    The Marriott Marquis really got its bag-storing in order for guests, got a nice big room to store our luggage in and an orderly system. 




    The ban on bringing in outside food and in some cases water bottles. 

    Protests outside the con because of workers getting screwed over (not by Otakon but the convention center)

    The Women in Anime panel had quite a number of issues, but there's already a thread on this.

    Not at all Otakon's fault, but on Thursday as we were checking into the Marriott Marquis, there were a bunch of MAGA-enthusiast teens hanging around (presumably from the Turning Point event) lounging around and some took to heckling con-goers. Fortunately they seemed to check out on that day as I didn't see them after Thursday. 



    A LOT of reports of con goers getting sexually harassed by homeless people, I'm in an Otakon FB group and saw a lot of reports about this. It seemed especially bad this year. 

    Apparently there were roaches falling down from the ceiling in the convention center's dining court area?

    I heard rumors that someone took to finger painting in one of the bathrooms, only they didn't use paint.


  3. On 6/24/2019 at 1:37 PM, GasparAKAShiggitay said:

    Yeah... I really can't see legit "Western-style" anime cons popping up in Japan... it seems too meta/too redundant since anime in Japan is basically a regular TV show, and celebrating a TV show seems silly IMO...

    Game of Thrones would like a word...

    Anyways, I went to AnimeJapan in Tokyo in 2018, and while it was more of an anime trade show/fair than a traditional con, it had a lot of the same elements. Cosplayers, industry booths, meeting voice actors, merch for sale, etc. Though the most different thing I noticed was that I didn't see anyone arriving in cosplay to the con, most came with rolling suitcases and changed there. Fandom is a thing anywhere there's pop culture.

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  4. Hi,

    I was wondering if all the notifications for panels had been sent out yet? I submitted two panels, and got a response for one of them on May 21st, but have yet to hear back on the second one.

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