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    Food establishments/entertainment

    There used to be an aquarium at the Department of Commerce building (dunno why it was there...) but it closed a few yeas back. Did you try Momofuku?
  2. windseeker

    The 2018 Otakon Goer Roll-Call Thread

    NAME: Steph HOMETOWN: Rockville, Maryland # of OTAKONS ATTENDED (including this year's, if applicable): 11, I've attended every con since 2007 except for 2012 BONUS (Your favorite anime that you first saw, and/or was announced, at the Otakon): Attack on Titan I'm so stressing over who to cosplay as this year!!!
  3. windseeker

    Your first Otakon

    It was in 2007. I had been into anime for years before that, but that was the first opportunity I had to go to a convention. Been to every Otakon since except for 2012. So Otakon 2017 was my 10th Otakon anniversary
  4. The Good - SPAAAAACE - I learned my way around the con surprisingly easy, and this is coming from someone who constantly got lost around the BCC for at least three years. - So many more food options, including actual grocery stores - Friendly convention staff, nice change compared to the BCC staff. - Managed to get a nice Airbnb that was super close and nicely priced. - Great AMV contest The Bad - Bag checks, particularly on Friday morning - No Friday/Saturday fan parodies. Yes, I know this was announced in advance, but it still felt sad not to have them as part of the event. - Didn't find much to buy in the Dealer's Room - Con food prices. The Ugly - Temperature in the Main Events room. FREEZING. Appreciated the AC in general though, the heat outside was awful. - Heat/humidity outside. Made me resort to con food to avoid it.
  5. windseeker

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Well, I'm suddenly glad I opted for the Thursday pre reg pickup. I hope badges arrive on time, but I'd hate to have this anxiety going on...
  6. I've done Kendo the longest, four years now. I didn't have time for it in the last year or so.

  7. Hey sorry, I just noticed your comment from a few months back on my page (d'oh!).

    Both, I'm interested in a lot of them (like Jeet Kune Do) and I've practiced Kendo Iaido and Aikido.